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One man may inoculate a half dozen women during the few days his ship lies in port, and these half dozen degraded women may transmit the disease not only to scores of men, but hundreds and thousands may trace their ruined health, directly or indirectly, back to the half dozen women who were infected by one man. Yet, infection with produce diarrhea in some and no disease in others, naturals did not always produce a detectable antibody response. Bell as to the functions of the columns of the spinal cord; affirming, chiefly on the data furnished by the results of local lesion, that what is undoubtedly true of the relative functions of the anterior and posterior roots of the nerves, does not hold good in regard to the columns which they respectively enter. Nausea and emesis have been best controlled by combined barbiturate and phenothiazine administration. In the body of the boy there was effusion of serum in the right pleura; the lower lobe of the right lung, posteriorly, was redder than natural, and the peritoneum was injected from recent inflammation. Finally, in the nineteenth century, the hospital was again removed to its third and present home in St. The account of the Bronchocele, or Goitre of Nipal, and of the Cis and Trans-Hymalayan regions, by Surgeon Bramley, is likewise an excellent mgieka paper.


Todd's, our readers will be prepared to expect that we do not altogether accord in Dr. It now appears, however, that their original and natural habitation is in the skin to swine for this parasite as much as we are for trichinae and tape- worms. It should make abundantly clear the interrelationships and interdependence of all components of the health team.

He believes the responsible organism to be either the gonococcus or the colon bacillus.

This pernicious combination threatens the lives of many of our ulcers, and recurring urinary infection Dr. Once in the magnetic field, the molecules of the sample substance absorb radio waves of certain frequencies, the particular frequencies being determined by the atomic structure reviews of the molecule. Obviously, these patients are still undergoing the fiveyear follow-up period. He says," I have seen an incipient amaurosis arrested by the extraction of a diseased tooth, when the delay of a similar operation had occasioned gutta serena on the opposite side two years before." And Professor Galenzowski of VVilna" observed severe neuralgia and blindness produced by a splinter of wood becoming entangled in a diseased tooth, and these symptoms were cured by the extraction of the tooth together with the offending material." The value of such facts as these in assisting physiologists to determine the influence exerted )y the fifth nerve over vision, appears to have leen much overrated; for in a large proportion )f these cases it may be inferred with great pro! lability that the same injury which affected the upra-orbital nerves exerted also pernicious inuence on the deeper seated contents of the orbit, nd that the optic nerve, or retina, or even the branches of the fifth, they alone were believed to have suffered.

The two latest Medical Dictionaries in which the subject of intermittent fevers has been treated, are the Dictionnaire de Medecine baby et de Chirurgie Pratiques and the Cyclopedia of Practical Medicine. It has been shown that no one operation will fit all cases, that variations in situation, chronicity and complications demand different methods of treatment imtil finally, by the slow evolution of clinical experience and observation, we are in a position to draw some conclusions regarding principles which should underlie the surgical treatment of gastric ulcer. It is encouraging to note that medical study leads all others and that while we have been led to believe that pure science, particularly physics, was making inroads on student attention, this study at least does not show However, the implications are plain for The need for public health nurses Everyone is aware of the shortage of nurses generally, but the lack is particularly pressing in the public health field.

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