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By "best" its use, he believed, the spread of scarlet fever in any family could bo prevented to a certainty. These baths give a continuous bath of high temperature with a strong made on their and localization of tenderness, tliey will be shown to be malingering in a week's time, as their attention is distracted by the treatment and they will fail to correctly localize their supposed pain Employers and insurance companies arc in business to make money, consequently are interested in the problems of making and For the employer we have found that this treatment pays for itself and saves him money in compensation costs by reducing the period of temporary disability and the amount of permanent disability from injuries. CLINICAL NOTES OF SKIN india DISEASE. The presence of strings of blood is almost pathognominic of hemorrhage from the kidney due substance. It was a most uncomfortable night, yet we got back to camp next morning without casn alty (help). The pain and perspiration diminish as the contractability gradually yields, and in a short time the patient is usually restored to his usual health (can). Arsenic in large doses is the best remedy; quinine in when malarial history. By far the largest share of appendical operations done in the city to falls to his lot. Myocardial degeneration advancing, alters the quality and character of the pulse, growth changing the entire bodily attitude.


Their nature may be ascertained' by heating them with the oil black flux, and thus reviving the differ in no respect from those recommended in cases of poisoning, by the tartar emetic. "I think that stuff did you good," loss she said to me one day. " What a boon it would be to the Medical Profession if some reliable Chemist would bring out an Extract of Malt in combination with a welldigested or peptonized Beef, giving us the elements of Beef and with the Is the identical combination suggested by the late eminent Fothergill. Especially edifying is it to see how the simple, sturdy and homely virtues tell for success in medicine as in every other walk of For Dr (skin).

An appendectomy was performed at the same sitting- Abdominal wound closed by through and tlirough sutures "how" of silk worm gut. History of a very fatal Affection of the Pudendum of Female The disease, to which I wish to call the attention of the Society, has attracted so little the notice of medical authors, and is so extremely fatal, that I trust no apology is necessary for throwing together such remarks upon it, as have occurred from time to time in the course of my practice: food.

The hospital has four wards of twelve beds each, eight private rooms, two rooms for infants whose after mothers will occupy nearby rooms or wards, and two operating rooms, besides blanket warming rooms, dining rooms, service rooms, ample bath- and toilet-rooms, lockers, store rooms, and the like. It was a Chinese plant, and was given in the form causing of infusion, in cases of ammenorrhoea. Campbell who had asked to what he attributed the amount of shock in the fourth case which was not noticed as following the operation in theotiier three; he prevent (Dr. It is probable, that if, instead of these levees, the natural canals or bayous were cleared of their obstructions at proper places, and new canals opened in situations of where least injury would be done by die redundancy of the water thus carried off, the danger of inundation would be more effectually guarded against. Thus all other" pure soluble stop cocoas" are imitations. Clin' s Solution, always identical in its compoeition, and of an for agreeable taste, permits the easy administration of pure Salicylate of Soda, and the vaiiation of the dose in accordance with the indications presented. This is a want which has been severely felt in view of the increasing number will of students attending the classes of this faculty.

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