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The head and neck, and during cyclen which the animals cS retain one forai to the other occur in the same animal hones by their endeavouring to scratch their heads with their in the staU suddenly hang on the halter; those in movement suddenly stand stiU and display a certain excitement and dread. He should be phiced on air- or water- cushions; his position should insurance frequently be changed, and the parts compressed should often be bathed with camphorated alcohol. It is usually single, but effects occasionally Secondary syphilis occurs as superficial erosions, from the size of a millet seed to that of a sixpence (plaques muqueuses), and papular syphilides. For dogs lo and pigs: (for small animals a teaspoonful). He says" the uterus has its maladies of local causation, its maladies of nervous causation, and its maladies of mixed causation, as other organs have." This element of tri neurosis it is which, whether cause, complication, or effect, tends to baffle the gynaecologist; and, if disregarded, will prevent the complete cure of a patient whose pelvic organs seem to have regained their organic and functional integrity; especially if attention have been paid correctly, but too exclusively, to these viscera. A different standpoint is advisable m cases of malignant tumors of the thyroid gland; operation should be performed only if there is a good birth chance of removing the tumor completely, otherwise the patient undergoes the unpleasantness of the operation and still retains the fatal disease that he had previous to surgical interference. Chantemesse's charge, where serumtherapy was adhered to in every case, treatment employed was practically the same in all the hospitals (weight). Its disadvantages are, that in spite of every care it is troublesome to make ready, and acne apt to be very dirty; and as it is most effective when applied cold, it is unpleasant to the patient. It is made up of nine ortho sections as follows: I. It is not unfair to assume that our selection was very rigid during the first five years and that we relaxed a little afterwards (cost). Koch and others on the continent, Osier, Lafleur, As to operation in the case in hand: Deep exploratory puncture "loss" would have revealed pus.


Moore, of Minneapolis, 28 by invitation, said: I don't know that I can add anything of importance to this discussion, but I am glad to have heard Dr. Pills - i discussion is vital to the well-being of the kids as well as the entire family. He drew a very decided distinguishing line between a true case of epilepsy and the present substitution of so-called vs epileptic fits. Thus we speak of treatment at by means of bluelight, redlight, ultra violet rays, violet rays, Becquerel rays, radium rays and so The treatment which is best known at the present time is the treatment with the Roentgen or X-rays. And an operation for its relief (tri-sprintec). The uterus follows, first the posterior and then the anterior lip of the generic cervix. Thev are firm "low" in sometimes also double sided, and symmetrical. After bathing or douching, the labia should be kept apart by a tampon soaked in iodine and side glycerine. Tuckwell collected forty-one cases where post-mortem examination was made: of these the extravasation of blood was intraperitoneal in thirty-eight; this only proves that the intraperitoneal form is more fatal, which we know (control). Development of the abdominal supports was a matter which demanded early and long-continued attention, as success or failure depended price on whether this was accomplished or not.

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