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White, and we tender our warmest sympathy to the family so Resolved, That as a mark of respect we will attend the funeral in a body. They all adhered, and the wound is now almost healed. Does anyone for a moment deem it improper for litigants to employ and reward generously the best legal expert they can obtain? Is not our whole progress in law due to the employment of learned counsel paid out of the private purses of the litigants? And shall it be said that when men, eminent in the medical or other profession, who have made a study of their science, are called to aid the court and jury they are not in all respects upon the same honorable and eminent plane as the counsel in the case? The true view of this matter ought to silence forever any criticism upon this point or any imputation that an expert is not a perfectly fair and unbiased witness, though summoned by one side only and rewarded as the counsel in the ease are rewarded for assisting court and jury to do justice between the parties. The second under the name Morbilli, embracing all those in which the skin is covered with spots, pimples or patches not containing fluid. In incomplete perineorrhophy the sphincter is paralyzed by stretching. Prices - its eggs were at first considered to be Distoiiui Ringcri is also fotmd in Formosa, in the lungs of natives and animals (see Coblx)ld, Treatise on the Entozoa of Man and.hiimals). Amongst the laws of hereditary transmission there is probably one under which disease of any viscus, whether structural or functional, occurring in a person about to become a parent, may lead to defective development or even absence of that viscus in a child." An English Impression of American Medical of his impressions derived during a tour of New York, Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and Montreal"with the object of seeing the construction and management of their chief hospitals and medical educational institutions." Dr. Hemorrhages in the very young are exceptional, and are mostly mild in children of more than four years.


The time required for healing is greater than in enucleation.

Sponsored by the Arkansa: Academy of Family Physicians. When there was decided prolapse, he also stitched the infundibulopelvic ligament forward, the fundus uteri itself, and even took folds in the sacrouterine ligaments. The fact that many of these cases do not recover even when the acidosis has been controlled signifies that the damage done by the acid intoxication was irreparable and not that the insulin treatment per se was a failure. It suggests change in pursuit of places of greater salubrity than are at present enjoyed, and thus stimulates the imagination of the poor invalid to dream of some Elysium, somewhere upon earth, where lost health and strength might surely be restored and the delightful The earliest health resorts were probably to springs and fountains to which miraculous cures were ascribed; especially if they emitted gas or spouted out of the rocks, or were hot or smelled of sulphur; then they were believed to be the abode of spirits which gave them healing efficacy. There are, of course, some persons who are restless and uneasy and noisy, untidy and destructive in their habits, but as a rule, the troublesome patient soon after coming to an institution of this kind, becomes quiet and falls into the ways of the place.

The now famous experiment before a body of eminent medical men to determine whether or not gas pumped into the rectum of a dog would ascend beyond the ileo-caecal valve, and the conclusion gravely announced that it would animal was a female and that the tube had been inserted As simple as this error was, men all along have been and are making such errors, and we as a profession often place ourselves in false positions by such careless processes We have not our animalculists and our ovulists of to-day, but we have many matters regarding which there should be greater unanimity of opinion than now obtains. After the formation of the genital cord, and are adult sheep, whales, dugongs, the manatee, and the chimpanzee, they represent in the human being a reversion,"a return to an ancestral type." Their function is purely speculative, but may have to do with the facilitation of conception; and when they appear in the human female may have a similar purpose in harmony with other minor defects of development (t6). In this region, as in all others affected with cancer, the fundamental law holds, that inadequate salves and pastes, inadequate cauterization, inadequate surgical procedures, or inadequate x-ray or radium therapy, merely increases the growth and malignancy of the cancer cells. Cognizant of possible risks to latex sensitive patients and health care personnel. From the spleens of nine patients who had succumbed to the disease. The opportunities of acquiring a knowledge of other branches of Natural History are also vtry considerable, especially of Mineralogy, by means of the valuable collection of The Clinical Hospital, belonging to the School of Physic, is supported by a large endowment of the late Sir Patrick Don.

This fuel high dose is usually well borne; sometimes some gastric intolerance is noted, but never any serious accidents. In this case, a circumscribed tumour, without the least previous pain, appeared in the course of the tendon of the ring finger of the left hand. Septicaemia is occasionally accompanied by a scarlatiniform rash, which does not depend upon the scarlatinal poison. The Egyptians, the Chinese, and the Hindus had more or less knowledge of materials which were used for the relief of disease, more or less technical skill in at least attempting to give assistance to reviews those who had been injured. The left ventricle, the aorta, and its branches are empty. The cul-de-sac around the inferior turbinate body is so situated that it serves for a receptacle and accumulation of effete material, which is already or will very soon become decomposed, and find its way into the lacyrymal sac and to the The irritating qualities of this morbific material immediately sets up a blennorrhoea.

He had regard for authority if based on reason, but little for position, unless it was accompanied by qualities that He was a man of strong feelings, which were based on strong convictions, and almost as a necessary consequence he was a decided partizan.

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