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The drinking water for railway cars should be of unquestionable quality distilled or equally pure, and should be kept side out of reach of passengers e.xcept as drawn from the faucet; it should be stored m well-cleaned cans or coils, and iced with wellselected ice that had been handled in a cleanlv manner He advocated improvement in the toilet rooms of the day first based on the filth theory of disease. The unossified strip effects of cartilage lying between the vomer and the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid is really a process of the quadrangularis, though receiving a separate name, the sphenoethmoid.

For this purpose rabbits were employed, and the bacteria were injected directly, or filtrates of bouillon cultures Staphylococcus pyogenes dosis aureus. In all his experiments of ureteral implantation an infection of the kidney resulted, and this fact led him to precio devise the new operation described. The most conscientious scientific zeal is being brought to the solution of the problems and the results promise to be as absolute as those achieved by Koch.

In every one of the cases there was some feature of interest and some definite indication for operation (sublinguales). Vomiting was of less value as a symptom than either pain or distention, but it was well to remember that vomiting was full and free, followed by marked relief, and ceased promptly tabletas in ulcer cases, leaving little depression and no nausea. In the address he says we doctors have a duty as regards the physique of the nation, and though we cannot give a man brains we can advise him how to give such as he has the best possible chance and can tell him that a brain, however weak, will work better without alcohol, "solucion" and, however strong, will derive no benefit from its use. Finally, foreign bodies, through wounds, may become emboli. When the patient is a mouth-breather the cause of this condition should be looked into and obstructions removed, however, with as 10 limited surgical interference as at all possible, for we must bear in mind the possibility of an infection of nose and pharynx as well. The antecedents of the first are abundant albuminuria and general anasarca; those sublingual of the other are virtually no albuminuria and no dropsy.

The pelvis and lumbar hollows medicina were carefully mopped out with marine sponges, the abdomen was thoroughly irrigated with sterile water and drainage tubes were inserted into the pelvis and the right loin with a gauze drain passing upward. There may or may not be a gel dark vaginal discharge.

Vomiting usually sets es in only when the serosa of the appendix has become involved and when there has been an irritation of the peritoneum of the general abdominal cavity. After a hearing before the Supreme Court, on exceptions to the ruling of the Judge, Howard was sentenced to two years' imprisoa meat in the State Prison, where he is now serring oat his sentence.


When the rectum becomes intolerant of this treatment, a small amount of laudanum may be added to the enema to obtund the sensibility of the bowel, and from two to four que drachms of whisky may be added where stimulation is indicated. Yesterday the council of the el Royal College of Surgeons appointed a committee to prepare a circular to the members asking their views as to the admission The Lancet is being sued for libel in the King's Bench by a man who sells an asthma secret remedy which is shown to contain atropine and cocaine. These types have cultural, morphological, and tinctorial characteristics 60 by which they may usually be recognized. The diagnosis is based upon these signs, in conjunction with the symptoms and history, and on the absence The signs of liquid effusion are obtained by percussion, auscultation, palpation, and inspection. The symptoms which, later on, were of such localizing character as to indicate a lesion upon the left side costo of the brain were: the paralysis of the tongue, the paralysis of the external muscles of the eye on the right side, a pain upon the left side of the head, and later, numbness and tingling sensation of the fingers of the Third, referring to the surgical aspects of the case. The teachers in these" country schools" were, with few exceptions, men of energy, of ambition, of learning, and of skill, many in later years holding professional and professorial positions of high distinction, among them and representative of them, Bartlett and Mussey and Holmes and Parsons and, a little later, Clark and More and more the training under preceptors was being completed by or supplanted by that in the schools, where oral didactic instruction of high order could be secured and clinical advantages were afforded. Y: was graduated from the medical (lepartment of the 30 the age of sixty-three years. Leiper has described a medicamento new intestinal parasite of man at the Societj' of Tropical Medicine. I found this to be true, para and at once attributed the cure to the potassium nitrate, and upon trial found I was correct. These parasites have been found before, but were wrongly interpreted as cells undergoing transformation, either in the mg way of degeneration or of proliferation. The student is taught the las importance of correct theoretical reasoning, and the absolute necessity of accurate measurement.

Contiene - he stated that the effect of quinin was local in the cells of the tissues, while the phenols acted both on the heat-regulating centers and upon the body-surface. In this manipulation and in withdrawing the sirve needle, the greatest care should be observed that no aqueous is lost. The inhalation of oxygen affords marked relief of the dyspnoea. As to complementary operations, such as osseous inyectable resections, autoplastics, and grafts, in spite of the great progress made in these lines in late years, they ought still to have our most careful attention, and no effort should be spared to bring these methods to perfection. As regards their effects on the blood, some are merely mixed, or in solution, and act directly on parts to which they are carried in the circulation.

If too much liquid be ingested and absorbed, the augmented pressure within the vessels causes exhalation from the pulmonary mucous membrane, the skin, and more especially into the uriniferous tubes of the kidneys, and the balance is speedily restored. So far as can be determined the action taken by the California State Board of Health was nothing more radical than to set a date for the discussion of the propriety or advisability of certain pill proposed quarantine measures. Their physiology rests on the system of two principles, Yang the predominance of either a diseased condition. Still it should be noted that much more harmful medicine is practised every day in New York in open violation of the law, it advertises in the secular press for customers, and the Department of Health takes no action: sirven.

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