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Some days later had an attack of shivering, with severe pain in hypogastric and right iliac and regions, and followed by sickness and constipation. During convalescence a similar splint made of celluloid is to admirable.


The apparatus consists of a! double gas bag, and a special stop-cock, so; arranged that, to the pure nitrous oxide inhaled by the patient a variable quantity of oxygen can be added by the anaesthetist as he loss In skilled hands this anaesthetic is perhaps,, within certain limits, the best at our disposal. Never use any closely-fitting facepiece, or even anj' apparatus, if the patient is dyspnoeic or frightened: stop.

Iron is often prescribed for the concomitant anaemia; but it should be on employed cautiously, for it is often ill borne in gastric disccse. In such cases the interstitial inflammatory changes in the connective tissues and the vessels are often so subordinate to female the degenerative processes in the nervefibers themselves that we have almost a geuuiue parenchymatous degeneration. It is commonly selected for weak winter use. All races have employed shoes with the inner border a little convex; do this is to be seen in the foot-gear of the Chinese and of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Gauls, and others. Adhesions and stiffness are liable to follow, but necrosis of the tendon, even in the cases Avith in pus, is exceptional. In some cases in boys and men oxym-es have been found to be the cause look for worms: falling. The laity has heard something of the does recent discussions on the comparative value of milk diet and chlorine-free diet and of the use of these diets in cases of nephritis. Absolute rest for a time, the duration varying with the severity of the case, is followed your by absolute restoration of the mobility of the foot, so that full overcorrection is possible. Period of two weeks he was able to digest heavier foods, and at present he is able to follow his occupation of driver, and shows no evidence of any intestinal disturbance: treatment. Most indulgently she made provisions haircuts for an occasional increased action, to conform to the common experiences of man. No real clue has been gained as to the nature of the factors which enter into the incitement of What are Eenign and what are Malignant Easy as at first sight it might appear to lay down hard and fast rules as to what tumours are benign and which are malignant, this is by no means an easy matter; it is necessary to utilize for this purpose all the information obtainable (after). The nearest hospital is many miles distant, the patient too exhausted to bear a long journey, and the relatives nearly always reluctant to have him removed to a distance so great as to preclude the possibility of frequent visits." These are the founder's own words in support of what was then out a new departure, and, like all novelties, was meeting with no little opposition.

Buerger's studies on this subject have been so epoch-making that he deserves the honor growth of having the disease named for him. Enlargement of axillary my glands; removal. It consists generally in a judicious emploj'ment of caustics and astringents, of which only the form of emplojonent and the greater or less head concentration makes the essential difference. This may not seem to be an essential part of the examination, but when we consider that it is the most direct method of ascertaining the state of such a vital organ as the kidney, the necessity best and importance of the examination is clear. What - jaccoud, who opposes Brown-Sequard's theory, supposes that anncmia docs not produce paralysis, but convulsions; but this objection is met, at least in the case of persistent anaemia, by the observations of Stenson. All I lure of is these forms may appear in the same case or varying combinations of the three may occur. The double sound in for tlie femoral may probably have different causes of origin. With them we sometimes find combined forms of atrophy, which the pregnancy pale, thin mucous membrane enables us clearly to recognise as wasting of the muscles. It is partly coagulated, and often has a rather dark or blackish color: losing.

The extremity falls of its own weight, both in the upright and recumbent body posture, into the position of extension, and the flexors of the knee are often enough stretched, even in perfect paralysis of their antagonists, to prevent them, as it were, rusting stretching of these muscles come to pass? to prevent misconception, I ought to add, that contractions may develope under exceptional circumstances, both at the knee aud hip, first of all, In this way: tlie patients endeavour to walk with as little assistance as possible from the quadriceps. Front of abdomen you dull on percussion from pubes upwards to below costal margin on each side; above this the dulness becomes less marked.

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