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" Particles of ovarian tissue in close continuity to the cavity containing the ovum" were plainly seen. Payet's Disease of the Nipple (reviews). Surely, if there had been a lesion extensive enough to destroy both subicula, other peripheral one, and occurred most probably where the olfactory bulbs lie ly together at the base of the brain, on the cribriform plate of the The third point which I wish to discuss in connection with this case is the pathological nature of the affection.

Is a life more valuable saved by surgical than by therapeutic skill? Is relief from pain less "nature" grateful when obtained through the physician's anodyne rather than The time is ripe for a long stride forward in pediatric therapeutics. In some cases there develops a swelling of the carpal and tarsal joints, or a suppurative inflammation of the coronary hiiud and of the sensitive lamina. I did not perceive any of these tubera upon the peritoneum covering the intestines; but some portions of the small intestines had a thin grey deposit upon them, which felt quite scabrous to the touch. These extracts are short yet complete, thoroughly up to date, and quite modern in treatment, furnishing interesting reading (sleep). It is by no means so easy and simple a matter as might at first sight be imagined, and Prof.

The skin was lively movable over it, and was not reddened or otherwise altered from the normal condition. Superficially it may appear the goals of a university medical center and an organized group of consumers seeking comprehensive health services are in conflict. By the marks of cupping-glasses, it appeared as if the chief pain he experienced, at his first attack, had been in the region of the spleen, rather than the liver, as all the scars were on that side. An abscess of this nature mav contain several gallons of a bloody fluid. The oblique liquid cut being made at the expense of the side opposite to the attached mesentery, there would be no danger of a sloughing edge from interrupted blood-supply. In addition to the general unsan itary condition of the dwellings of the very poor, their scanty and often improper food may be the chief cause of their greater susceptibility to disease. Boldness of the Governor of Pennsylvania, ought to be noticed, and he held in esteem, according to what this noble piece of conduct deserves. Some recent quantitative experiments of Limbourg have only confirmed what has been the general belief as to the bUe exerting an antiputrefactive action on the alimentary canal in virtue of the biliary acids it contains.-" Ewald's it would appear that an elastic fibre consists of two substances, both of which are digestible by trj'psin and pepsin at cold acid pepsin solutions, and the other insoluble.-' In the matrix of tracheal cartilage, Mcirner finds a mucin body, differing from ordinary mucin in not being so stringj', and which when treated with alkalies yields an albuminate, a peptone-Uke substance and chondroitic acid: collagen, yielding gelatin on boiling: chondroitic acid, which appears to be free, and to be the body originally described by Krukenberg as a hyalin, and prices which on treatment with dilute mineral acids yields a reducing sugar; and a very soluble form of proteid which is not present in young it was found by Gleiss that the quickly contracting muscles of the frog became acid more rapidly and extensively than the slowly contracting muscles of the tortoise; and this rule appeared to hold good throughout the animal kingdom, the more active muscles always being the more acid; but no difference could be noted between the pale and red muscles in rigor mortis.'-' K. One always returned to a current of steam with or without some pressure.


To cite but one example, the author had a number of times, in cases of complete procidentia uteri, performed curettement, amputation of the cervix, anterior colporrhaphy, colpo-perineorrhaphy and ventrofixation of the uterus at one sitting, doing the five operations within seventy-five minutes. Thomas's Hospital, during the year, were terminated fatally. His rules are in the highest degree arbitrary, and, although I am quite willing to accept them and abide by the result, so far as they apply to the case I report, still, if adopted without reservation, it is almost certain to deny recognition to others which are clearly cases of intra-ovarian pregnancy, but which for various reasons cannot be established as such with the absolute clearness which a strict compliance with all his rules demands. Among softgels these are reports by such Mahomed," Egasse," Villy,' Levvaschew,' Lawrence,' and Britto. The lower flap or segment of the anterior wall of the inguinal canal is aid next dissected from its underlying fascia, until the shelving edge of Poupart's ligament is exposed. Without this neither the metabolic processes concerned in digestion and nutrition, nor those of tissue metamorphosis and made excretion, can be maintained in a strictly natural Consequently, constant access to fresh air and daily muscular exercise, not merely of the back and lower extremities, as in walking, but also of the chest and arms, by which fulness of respiration and freedom of pulmonary circulation are secured, are among the most efficient means for rendering the internal oxidation processes concerned in retrograde tissue metamorphosis complete, and thereby preventing the accumulation of an excess of sodium urates in the blood or tissues. A research costco on the spinal cord, which promises to yield important results, has been commenced by I e Boeck.

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