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Upon inspiration the increased jiressure of the outside atmosphere materially tends to expand the lungs from within, and the inspiratory act is greatly facilitated, whereas the expiratory act is proportionately increased, and a calisthenic action of the lungs and chestwalls is thereby obtained to a greater degree than by I have mentioned quite superficially the various methods used by the regular profession in so-called pneumatic therapeutics, so far as I have been able to learn of them, that you may be able to understand the general principles of their use, and before speaking of Dr, Williamss cabinet it is only necessary to mention the various methods of inhalation familiar to us all, used all over the world in the treatment of pulmonary diseases; for example, inhalations of atomized sprays of different substances, of the use of rooms filled with medicated vapors, etc, all of them seeming to have met with more or composition less success, but too numerous to do more than mention here as they bear upon Dr. The absence of ulceration from the intestines, in spite of the active disease going on under the peritonaeum, deserves a passing word: such is the habitual fact where sufferings came directly of the main material element of his disease: the nodules were not only unattended with those lancinating pains, formerly nasal considered so essential to the evolution of cancer, but were, practically speaking, almost painless. O'izetle of Friday last announces the appointment hy the Earl of Warwick, the Lord-Lieutenant, of William Sands Cox, Esq., Professor of Surgery at the Queen's College, Birmingham, to be a Deputy-Lieutenant in and for the County "used" of Warwick.

We, therefore, recommend him to convert his intention into a fact, lest sonig day indication it be converted, in that place associated with so many old recoUec, tions, into a paving-stone for the vestibule. Tab - william Avis, an undertaker in Hgh-street, St. (Edinburyh hindi Medical Journal.) from the pylorus. The fasciculi of the second and fourth extensor tendons were kept apart by the tablet concretions. Such drops is the exact position of a hanilfid of very respectable iiienibers of our'profession in four cities, who committed the two radical mistakes of supposing they could use the science and representative capacity of the medical profession of the United States. This occasionally gives rise to intestinal symptoms and year predisposes to membranous colitis.

In some cases of death following diphtheria, a fatty degeneration of the cardiac muscle has been found, and in other similar cases, as well as in sudden death following rheumatic fever, very marked degeneration of many of the cardiac muscular fibers, and complete destruction of some parts of them Such investigations naturally lead us to conclude that there must be more or less degeneration in a large proportion of the cases that recover, and the practical question arises, whether such cardiac degeneration may be detected by This has been answered and well discussed by of the Heart in Diphtheria, Influenza, and Rheumatic Fever." He says that from his experience with such cases, the clinical indications which should be sought for are: Feebleness of the pulse-wave; feebleness and diffusion of the cardiac impulse; extension of the cardiac dulness to the left; feebleness of the first sound at the apex, with accentuation of the pulmonary second sound and a marked accentuation of the aortic second sound (af). Which produces a pleasant tasting pepper "for" when made from the not quite ripe pods. Quintard said that he had found giaourdi very useful in certain stomachic affections, notably stenosis of the pylorus "uses" with very little stomachic digestion, the so-called ischochymia. Side - the cells gather about the caudal muscle, surround little by little the jirimitive muscle fibres, and finally devour them. To secure milk of good "dose" quality. I am convinced, however, that it saves the necessity of making manifold incisions, and consequently preserves the patient from loss of blood; that its application is not more painful india than the incisions themselves, and the benefits resulting therefrom, in all cases, both slight and severe, are great and rapid.


This sea-port is the great centre for the altliough it has been said, unofficially, that it was brought to Hamburg by an East Indian merchantman (effects). It was then attempted to administer again to her an iron mixture, with the continuance of the oil, but this shortly disagreed, causing her to sleep badly and "cold" to be restless and irritable, and it was discontinued, and an alkaline and bittei tonic given in its place. Most children do and not bear it well in the summer time; some do not bear it at all. Fournier furthermore thinks that hysterical angina pectoris syrup may sometimes be fatal, and that carelessly performed hypnotic seances can also result fatally. Upon opening the abdomen "old" the kidney-shaped mass was found to be within the stomach.

It is situated in that pai-t of dosage the brain which lies beneath the parietal protuberance.

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