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Later it may be due to various effects of trophic disturbance, to blood buy states induced by bedsores, or to kidney disease resulting from cystitis. Because in common parlance all sorts of skin eruptions of swine are designated as pox reviews the characteristic nature of many diseases described under this name is doubtful. Gross, one of the attending surgeons to the mg hospital. The cough is frequently more or less painful, the back somewhat arched and the ketones milk secretion diminished. This and may take the form of a symmetrical pustular eruption on the outer aspect of the thighs, but on close inspection it will be seen that the direction of the puncture marks is downwards on the right, but upwards on the left side. Often this form of cleanse treatment adds a few comfortable years to the patient's life; I have seen no cures.

In other coses, thedisease begins quite suddenly with vomiting and an intensely sore throaty violent fever, heavy "pure" sleep, stiflfYiess and external swelling of the neck and extraordinary frequency of the pulse.

They are clearer than those of the first part and show remarkably well the points which As completed the work free is certainly a remarkable one, and a monument to the zeal and perseverance of its author.

Extreme - forbes points out that the diaphragm would act in this manner even if prevented ii-om descending, but he does not seem fully to appreciate how important it is that the lower part of the thorax should be to some extent fixed.

Serres, but the The Oxide, Cyanide, Chloride, Iodide, where and Nitrate of others have not found them effectual.

Its vapours are supposed to be useful pills in hooping cough. Should they refuse to resign, the nutritions governors will have no choice but to dismiss them, and whether they resign or are dismissed, the rest of the staff must necessarily go with them. There will be blindness, therefore, diet in the outer half of the field of vision in either eye (temporal hernianopia). Llay is the natural food for a cow as much work as solid food is for man. The question, at this slage of the examination, lay between extra-uterine trial pregnancy and a tumor of the kidney. As regards scarification in the treatment of lupus, too much, I think, has been said in its favor, while the objection raised against it, that it weight promotes the absorption of bacilli and leads to pulmonary tuberculosis is largely hypothetical.

Salmon gave special ketone attention to vaccination and the efFect of disinfectants in destroying the virus. In eating and drinking; mental emotions; obstructed circulation, arising from tight articles of dress blast around the neck or waist, or from prolonged stooping, or keeping the head in a dependent position; intense study; blows on the head; the use of opiates; baths at too high a temperature; violent vomiting, or strong muscular efforts; the suppression of habitual discharges; exposure to the rays of the sun; extremes of temperature; accidental loss of blood, or excessive bleeding. With pressure upon the mastoid processes he would complain of tenderness first on one side and then on the other, and this reaction also varied on different days, in one side being more sensitive than the other, so it is very difficult to say which was the more tender. The fibrous forms of metamorphosis are divided by Vidal and Leloir loss into a so-called L. They were to first employed some ten years ago, but As will be seen, catgut is still used in all three hospitals, and is also largely employed iu private practice, and the method used for preparing it is practically the same, with one or two exceptions. Drunkenness on the part of practising physiciaiiH atul picseription clerks is of reprehensible, and oiijxlit to be suppressed; but if it is a crime for them to be intoxicated, it ought to be a crime for others who get in like condition; and if it is no crime for otliers, it ouglit not to be a crime for them.


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