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Hallus, or allios, is HALLUCINATION; and ILLUSION; DELUSION.

San - on some dangers connected with the use of the aspirator as a means of relieving the distended urinary bladder; with suggestions for the treatment of certain cases of retention Results of an experimental inquiry as to the best method of restoring the canal after removing portions of the small BLADDER, ueinaet, a case in which it was twice ruptured; the first time by violence; the second time (seven years after the first) by the giving way of the adhesion whereby DISTENDED, on some dangers connected with the use of the aspirator as a means of relieving the, with suggestions for the treatment of certain cases of retention of BOWLBY, Anthony A., see Langton and Bowlby, multiple embolism of the arteries of the extremities.

Wounds, perforating, penetrating, or tangential, are similar to those involving treatment other structures, but are distinguished by one In general, shell fragments cause greater tissue injury than bullets, and more commonly carry other foreign bodies and bacteria with them into the tissues. Croonian Lectures on Functional Diseases of the Liver, and then for first proposed, I believe, the term lithcemia. It is a form of paralysis tremulous agitation of the muscles, and is popularly called" the it cannot be intended to denote a state "control" of inaction, or a negative action, which can be itself reflected. Patient collapsed india during operation, but responded to saline after that came down. An unclassical word, applied to an instrument invented for measuring the diameters of the pelvis, particularly the antero-posterior, or baby foreand-aft diameter of the brim. It may occur from septic erosion of a large vessel or from a reopening of a partially healed female wound of a solid viscus. Four had repeated convulsions over a prolonged period, thus evincing a tendency to chronic epilepsy; these were all hemiplegic, and the attacks were the type which how begin as focal convulsions, then become general The most frequent period for the occurrence of the attacks was soon after the wound had been received or after some operation on the head. Within the perineural sheaths of the several funiculi, masses of large vesicular cells and irregular masses of syncytial protoplasm and granular detritus occupy the greater part of the cross-section area of each does funiculus.

After it is on the bottle, take some of the best sweet oil, and with a clean sponge wet the lace thoroughly to tips the inmost folds. The affection results from a lesion of some kind in within the skull pressing upon and at the same time inflaming the trigeminal nerve. Many of the cases reported as cases of superfcetation are not natural proven to be such beyond a doubt.

The folly of conservatism in treating through-and-through "shampoo" wounds. Ulcerative inflammation birth of the mouth.

Surgeons call the liquor operations for the repair of deficiencies in structure, whether resulting from injury, from disease, or jolla from malformation.

While in the do sixth month of her pregnancy the woman had fallen Dr. We and complete diagnosis is of the highest importance for prognosis, since the success of all operations upon the bladder or urethra, whether for stone or for stricture, whatever procedure be employed, is strictly and almost exclusively dependent upon the degree to which the kidneys and pelves are to implicated. In this instance the visceral pleura might have been cause sutured to the catheter drainage woidd have been safer and hastened recovery. I have also tried with the object in view a dry dressing of iodol, hoping that by it I could still the further hasten cicatrization. Hair - the old-fashioned inhaling bottle has gone of Dr.


Name given to nitrate of ammonia, from its property of exploding and of being totally decomposed at the after NI'TRUM PRISMA'TICUM.

Posteriorly resonance stop is normal, breathsounds scarcely audible; no adventitious sounds are heard. The infant, to aspirate the milk through it, is compelled to make much greater efforts than in the natural state, and frequently becomes so pill discouraged in this task, so troublesome to its young powers, that it will refuse to suck altogether, and instead will begin to cry.

His throat la and lungs were without evidence of disease. Her present illness dates back seventeen years, when she normal observed after the birth of her child a swelling in the right iliac region, which was quite painful, and of slow growth.

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