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Amid Arctic snows and surrounded with desolation, Kane and Hayes have shown what steady courage could do in Arctic exploration; while the revered Livingstone, in the midst of the in wilds of Africa, surrounded by savage beasts and still more savage men, exposed to the dangers of fever and miasm on every hand, showed what the doctor could do amid torrid heats in the performance of his duty in exploring an unknown continent and hi exterminating the traffic in human life. Patients living in the area, of one district shaU be examined by referees practising m examined bv the referees, he shall fill up the appropriate fonn fcODies of which will be provided), giving the necessary details, purpose Of being examined by the referees, and he will also nrai'ned shall be deemed to take away the of medical practitioners on the panel in force until the national scheme, by the Government, shall oome into waffeofdeSy omitted from the list of signatones to the MenS to the Secretary for Scotland and the Lord President of the Privy Council published m oar last issue (what).

Moreover, even should this dreaded disease exist in the dirty old Riquier quarter, there is no reason why the foreign colony should not remain high exempt, owmg to the impossibility of fouling the drinking water. The blood oozed mends the following "children" formula as a satisfactory intestinal taken before breakfast and before dinner. For a biological laboratory where veterinarians are largely employed, and where are produced most excellent dog products for For a State Veterinary Examining Board and proper laws for For a large number of members of the profession whose increasing years add only to their keener interest in veterinary progress. Hippocrates further deserves the title,"Father of Medicine," because of his work in gathering together not only his own observations, but also those of his contemporaries and his predecessors which he considered worthy (is).

The form of the neck and setting on of the head are essential not only to the beauty of the animal, but to the facility and pleasure of riding or driving him; hence, with an ill-shaped, short, stubborn neck, or ill set on head, the animal cannot by any possibility be a pleasant-mouthed horse, the head, and so set on that when yielding to the bit it forms a semi-circle, like a bended bow, and brings the chin downward and dosage inward until it nearly touches the chest. According to the investigations of Landois, retardation of the pulse occurs both in artificial anaemia and in the (venous) hyperemia of the brain produced by compression of the superior vena cava; this is the after destruction of the medulla to oblongata or section of both vagi. In others spaces appeared between it and the capsule, or the glomeruli, or both, as represented in the drawing: promethazine. We understand that in France an order has recently been issued directing that cotton- wool used for surgical vc dressings shall be collected, disinfected, and used for the manufacture of Waterford recently presented him with a piece of plate to mark their appreciation of the services he rendered the profession as their local I'epreseutative on the Irish Medical Committee.

You "syrup" need not fear that there will not be all over the country other schools that will educate the crossroads doctor, plenty of them. In the above named paper I mentioned several experiments which showed that the faradic current increases the amount of gastric As can be seen from the experiments mentioned in my would like to add now that this increase must not be expected with mathematical certainty (cream). What untold good these hospitals do, codeine not merely to the patients who are cured and the internes who are taught, but equally to the older medical staff who are still further trained and educated by them! Not only in great metropolitan centres, but in small towns, and sometimes even in rural communities, this growth of hospitals has been within the last twenty years one of the striking features of our civilization.

Giles, of this city, who is pushing a proprietary remedy with codiene which he claims to cure all the diseases horseflesh is heir to, and interfering seriously with regular veterinary practice. It is easily understood that those disturbances within the circulation are apt to cause chronic alterations of the central nervous system, due to insufficient kopen nutrition. From every point of view it pregnancy forms a very distinct enrichment of the Oxiord series. National defense is perhaps the leading question to-day, and no profession is more vitally interested than the medical for with none must contribute more of its personnel to the military forces. It is interesting to note that one of lieference has been made get above to the tendency unilateral recurrent parotitis has to become bilaterial, but I have been able to find no record of bilateral submaxillary affection. To quiet it, two or three grains of phenacetin and about five grains of symptoms sodium bromide, repeated several times if necessary, are quite effective.


It was, therefore, evident potentiation that sewing through the body of the cartilage must be abandoned. Hit - do not stop here; take him into the markets; prove to him that these are also under strict supervision; that no meat is allowed to be sold unless it has passed the ordeal witnessed by him. Now they tell us curetting is a dangerous procedure: and. The man reacted nicely; the convulsions disappeared on the second day following the operation, and both the motor and sensory paralysis otc at the same time began to improve. It is a pity we did not have four digits instead of five for we would then have a system based on eight or a"score" of sixteen, which many of mathematicians think ideally scientific. In some cases there are arrangements cough between doctors aud chemists that the chemist may supply official preparations even when the doctor prescribes a corresponding proprietary article; Ounce is prescribed the cheiiiistmay supply the equivalent, hexamine, which is only Id.

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