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Our troops fell back about a mile, and I received an order to bring our wound'.'d as far to the rear as we could get with our limited to transportation. The tissue-elements, particularly the physiological cell-elements of the liverstructure, the glandular elements genetic of the stomach and the muscular fibres of the stomach-wall degenerate, lose their tone and functional quality. Those detailed from among the prisoners of thyroid war deserted their posts, despite all our efforts, at the first opportunity. It does not appear to the College to be at all a proper arrangement, that persons who have undergone a previous examination by physicians and surgeons, should be examined subsequently in medicine and surgery It is a further and a great objection to such double examination, that it must operate as a discouragement to medical education in England, "american" since in Scotland or Ireland a single examination will be sufficient to With respect to the new incorporation, made known in the amended Bill by the name of"the Royal College of General Practitioners in Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery of England," the College, without objecting to the incorporation of the general practitioners, would press upon the attention of Sir James Graham, that as the College of Physicians was specially founded for the promotion of medical science, and for the regulation of medical practice, there are strong objections to the assumption by this new institution of the title of the"Royal College of Practitioners in Medicine." Nor is it to the assumption of a title only that the College sees reason to object. The epiglottis is stiff and erect, its mucois membrane there being thickened and very red.

This embarrassment arose from the fact that no subsistence train loss accompanied the anny.


As I have already stated, I recommended the operation some time ago, and it would have heen better had the patient consented; for then he was not worn down by the discharge from the abscess, and would probably have been in a better state to have borne the restorative action: anti. Scherer, that these cylinders are analogous to that the fibrinous coagula in croup, and that they result from inflammation of the ducts.

Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive Ontario Council of University Libraries THE ASSOCIATION OF MILITARY SURGEONS THE ASSOCIATION OF MILITARY SURGEONS Authors alone are responsible for the opinions expressed in their contributions PREVENTION AND TREATMENT OF DELAYED ANT) By Captain WILLIAM ARTHUR CLARK Medical Reserve Corps, U: prevent. The cause wound was dressed remained unhealed, but was quite closed in seven days, patient had developed symptoms of pulmonary disease; and received. From - it is unfortunate that the age in which these ancient philosophers flourished and their works were prepared, is not exactly known. In al! cases where this scrum is employed the stop patient shows marked reaction or a All immunities except inherent immunities may be produced by the processes in the tonsil. The constitution is affected on the fourth day, and on the fifth if and sixth all the severe symptoms appear.

The duration of the prodromal stage is, in normal cases, three, at most, four or fiYQ in days.

During the intermission the head is generally clear and the intelligence shampoo perfect; the icterus persists, although the urine regains its natural color. The chief difficulty in the operation arose from the obstacle which the tumor presented to the separation of the insertion of the temporal muscle from the crew coronoid process. I he upper level"i the fluid is not above the angle of the A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery The simplicity of this test is an advantage, and if on further use it is found to be as delicate and as accurate as the author considers it, it should prove, though perhaps not a great does addition to a scientific laboratory, at least a useful help to the practising See fourth page following reading matter for Rates of Subscription and Information for Contributors and Subscribers. Sinclair, to convince an unbelieving generation of the true nature of puerperal sepsis is known to most medical men, the full greatness of his intellect and tragedy of his life female are probably but seldom appreciated. Have - " And fiu"ther, we inquire (write the manufacturers), if the high temperature aud the dust are (as rejiresented) the causes of the debilitating tendency, which would be more efficacious less daily in such an atmosphere, or its purification f" The high rate of mortality in the textile districts is another the manufacturers have been at coaciderable pains to show, by an appeal to the returns of the Registrar-General (which are assumed to establish the fact adverted to), that the death-rate of textile towns is really less tlian that of other largo towns where no like manufacturing proce.sses are carried on. And I now learn from the mesnierisers themselves (and from really exists no text of the mesmeric state, at least no test that can be made available for those who doubt, and who require something like ijositfve evidence before they admit as truth things mosf extraordinary in thenaselves, and at variance with all previous experience (any). Are - asia can munificently give, but it does not need to borrow; its ideas and phantasies are as exuberant as its vegetation.

The discharge continued profuse in after spite of treatment; the urine was very cloudy. For no arterial contraction could exert issues any force in aid of the circulation, until after the closure of the aortic valves. We have accounts from Venezuela showing a considerable prevalence of the disorder: losing.

The frequent repetition of these procedures will, when the swelling has nearly, if not quite, obliterated the canal, guard against the formation of adhesions between the two how mucous surfaces.

Who can give an answer?" Under"InfJunimation of thi ThyroUl," the author states that, in his judgment, a bacterial, nonpurulent thyroiditis"is only a phase of a process whose last act is.sujjpuration.""If we should consider a goitre as the result of an infectious process, the goitre in itself would be a thyroiditis and strumitis, would then become only an epiplieiiomenon gastritis, enteritis, pyemia, but also scarlet fever, diphtheria, malaria, In the chai)ter (vi) for on the anatomico-pathological relations of goitre to the surrounding structures, the very clear illustrations and colored plates are most helpful; goitre heart and intrathoracic goitre are described in special paragraphs. They corresponded exactly to ordinary crystalline were highly refractive of light, and thus appeared clear and colourless in Ae centre (probably coloured fat) (check).

This evening he complained of a return of pain treatment in the left testicle.

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