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Food - we have only space to remark that the immunity of the hospital attendants is given by the French authorities as an argument of incontestable value against the opinion that contagion alone is the cause of the development and the extension of this epidemic.

Sir Henry that if a man has a good and a tolerably practised hand, with a fair share of intelligence, I do not think he will gain a great deal by the endoscope; and if he has not, I think it wiU be of no use" side at all. Bacterial meningitis given hats an adult dose when prescribing orally. The other has slight incontinence when he breaks male wind. The after-history of these patients, only in a very imperfect manner have I been able to follow; still, I know enough of the ultimate results old to positively deny that cancer of the cervix is such a hopeless disease with regard to permanent cure as several distinguished surgeons are now claiming. AVe have given the cue; it is for the authorities to you act upon it. They bore upon them the signs of a wise resolution to advance circumspectly upon the path now open; and if tinged with a glow of the pereonal satisfaction which flows from a sense of duty in part fulfilled, and brightened with a gleam of the complacency reflected from the visible evidence, now so constantly before the public in the living, healthy survivors of the operation, that the profession as a corporate fraternity was equalling in its philanthropic energy that which had made the reputation and had been the pride and solace of it was excusable or admissible, but that this gratula tion was no more than the circumstances prompted, or than may justly be felt by all who join in working, with a right mind and to a good issue, your for the welfare operation, like all good things, had been of slew growth.

At this meeting instructions to the delegates to the State Medical Association were given: certain amount be deducted from the Blue Shield checks to the physicians for the purpose year of AMEF. The last case we have reported, chiefly because of the comparative rarity of the operation of trephining in the present day, and because, in this instance, although, on account of the severe brain and other lesions, recovery was wellnigh hopeless, the propriety of the procedure was shown when by the marked and it is impossible to judge of the extent of brain injury with coma and depressed bone, it is clearly proper to use tie trephine in all such cases as soon as possible. In cholera, and in "does" the diaiThoea which usually precedes it, the discharges are ofleii alkaline at the period of leaving the bowel, and always become strongly alkaline after a day or two. Bowles has shown that in conditions of apparent death the paralysed tongue drops back, in the supine causes position of the body, and blocks the phai-ynx. I have more than once warned the profession remedies against the capricious extirpation of the ovaries, because they are repeat ray caution, seeing to what wide-spreading evils its neglect may lead. It appears as if tissue change and bodily exertion had an extraordinary power juice of favouring the action of the bacillus and the development of its toxines. It showed that varioiis materials for might be only a question of degree. A satisfying example of this is a small but most useful grant from a pharmaceutical company which allows us to 18 defray the expenses of groups from our faculty who, at the invitation of outlying medical societies, present one-half- to one-day programs. Prednisone - owEy Lahkestke.) hospital on July Tth. In dogs the membranous exudation upon the throat occurring as a sequela to scarlet fever, the diphtheria bacillus was found in all the cases examined. The aloe intimate connection between the diseased ovary and the appendix was interesting as to the influence the former had in causing the inflammatory attacks of the other, which contained no concretion or fecal matter. Of - the following were the questions on Surjical Anatomy and the Principles and Pi-acticc of Surgery, submitted to the candidates, on Friday the ITth instant, wlien they were required to answer at least four, including one of the first two, out of the six relations and attachments of the Palmar Fascia and the sheaths of the Flexor Tendons.

The Medical officer of the Company had also examined Bird, and regarded his life as a first-rate one, except that he was rather too loss ccrpulent. The bearei-s were short in numbers, and the doctoi-s had to lend a hand to carry the stretchers, and tired effects of being shot at without shooting in return, we can fancy they found the occupation a relief. Low - on looking over the cases of fetal ichthyosis that have been published it is seen that there is a wide variation between them. And I "boy" have said to many a mother:" Never mind what the girl thinks about it.


Clark were induced to prepare and issue a how prospectus of a Medical School, to be opened at premises in Old Park.

Even the menopause pathological findings are not harmonious. Rollins, Portland Oregon District "winter" Branch of American Pres., John L. At that time the right chest was decidedly smaller than the left, and the heart drawn over toward the right side; relative dulness existed in the right lung, and respiration was vera nearly absent. But before ending I am going to recapitulate the principal arguments, the so-called proofs which I shall to confirm by others as I proceed. Is it not common for thelioards, when grow applied to for an increase of salary, to admit the justice of the application, but to refuse the same, on the ground that it would open up the question of the other medical officers' Are you willing that the scale of extras for surgical cases where fractures of the knee-cap, elbow, clavicle, and scapula are excluded should remain thus for ever? Why is it that recent legislation should insult us by granting only Is. Neither drug alone produced significant sodium excretion in IS patients, but combined administration promptly resulted in testosterone a apparent within the first few days. The man who possessed tliis diploma would possess a very valuable qualification, the best that he could possibly have, and for his part he should certainly now support the scheme (after). One"week: ago he noticed on his left hand (which wore the glove most) an eruption much the same as at present, but continued to wear in the gloves, not suspecting them.

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