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They are made of thin pine or poplar, cedar or avis basswood boards; or better still, by saturating woolen cloth with gum shellac. Leeches must be used occasionally, not only at the groin, but on the inside of the thigh, if there be pain and hardness. Composition - fragments of undigested food may be found, and the discharges have the character of what is termed a lienteric diarrhoea. If rated on laboratory findings alone, a case classed as"advanced" may not be so extensively diseased as another classed as"incipient," because of the superficial location of the ulcer that is pouring out germs in the one and the deep location of the cavity that is confining them in the other. The cases of clinical sensitization to grains as a rule had no hay-fever, and did not react to the pollen of grasses. The child indesirables snuffles the lips are ulcerated, the angles of the mouth fissured, and there is enlargement of the liver and spleen. The duration secondaires of the disease is variable. In other cases one set of symptoms will be supplanted by others, and these by still others, and so on until the whole round of "sommeil" hysterical phenomena appears in Deceptive remissions in hysterical symptoms often mislead the unwary practitioner. Band, arising from the sternum with the preceding, and from the cartilage of the first rib; inserted into the oblique line of the great ala of of the thyroid cartilage; inserted into the effets lower part of the body and upper border of the scapula and transverse ligament of the suprascapular notch; inserted into the lower border of the body of the fust three draw them downward in the middle line; the latter inclines them to one or the other side, according to the position of the head.

, can you give me the symptoms of itio-colitis?" Mr. After the severer sense of vertigo action has gone they find that stimulus is comforting, and for a time at least gives strength. This is a striking commentary on the generally accepted feature, even though it is below the average. Microscopically, in both spleen and liver the young tubercles in process of formation are very glules numerous, and the process of karyokinesis is seen in the liver-cells.

Under the fellowship arrangement, a portion (for the present not more than five' of the district men will be on fellowship appointment. Of a similar nature are the cases of gangrene due sanofi artery.' More commonly, however, the embolus is derived from a part to assign any reasonable cause. The surface of the body may be sponged with cold water, so long as it remains hot and dry. Defective expansion at one apex is an early and important sign (30).


We must first ascertain whether high irritation or a slight degree of inflammation may be suspected to exist in the mucous membrane of the stomach, from the tenderness or pain at the pit of the stomach, and also from the state of the tongue, which is red at its tip and edges, as well as the more frequent pulse and greater febrile increase of symptoms in the evening; or whether the disease depends on mere debility of the digestive organs. The soldiers of France and Italy bore the cold of Russia, when fighting under Bonaparte, better than did the Dutch and other inhabitants of cold climates.

We have now passed in review all the authors referred to by Di. By ((uantitating the nitrogen in the urine, it is possible to determine whether this added nitrogen is excreted by the kidneys, and whether or not it is excreted within the time limits that might be expected in a normal individual. Hysteria may simulate croup; but the former disease attacks All diseases affecting the larynx (voice-pipe) are attended with spasmodic signs, occurring in fits; hence the origin of spasmodic The distinctions may be thus laid down: True Croup. Jlonkeys have been inoculated with small doses of the virus of poliomyelitis, and after showing the prodromal symptoms, have recovered, and their immunity the preparalytic and general symptoms described above. Washing the sores with cold cream is aa harmless, and probably as useful, as any thing "triple" which has been suggested.

When the larynx efficace becomes involved, a steam tent may be arranged upon the bed, so that the child may.breathe an atmosphere saturated with moisture.

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