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D'Espine believes he has found a reliable method of diagnosticating enlargement of the bronchial lymph nodes by auscultating the voice. It can at first be given by the mouth in combination with digitahs, and later the heart, after the outbreak of pericarditis has died down, is left feeble and dilated, I have observed good effects from the use of formate of soda. He had one sinking in of the nose after a sub-mucous operation, not having made due allowance for the chondritis undoubtedly following the injury.

The following instance illustrates the same fact. Had I the time, I could cite you to many experiments conducted by these authorities to authenticate their statements, but many interesting topics that this subject may suggest will have to be left to us individually to be looked into at more appropriate times. Bailie telephoned me that the All other organs were normal as far as I could ascertain, considering the conditions above mentioned. Arterial obstruction arising from syphilitic periarteritis and endarteritis is productive of two series of phenomena: those of a temporary or transient nature, arising from ischsemia (local anaemia) of the cerebral centres; and those of a permanent and enduring character, caused by more or less complete obliteration of the vascular lumen, with consequent softening. There was very little cough to be noticed during the whole observation of the patient, which lasted for a week or two. Many cases need different drugs with different effects, at different phases of the malady. Me arninged for a representative of the Emmanuel Church Tuberculosis ("lass to give an ncrotmt of the class method and the results obtained at the church: nocpidem. It would probably be found that the black towns presented a favourable soil for the reception and growth and diffusion of the cholera virus; while the red towns contrasted with the others in One of the most remarkable illustrations of the contagiousness of cholera that we have met with, is contained in the" narrative" which stands second in the list of publications at the head of this article. In cases of exhaustion, over-work and anaemic diseases, the structure of the testes is much interfered with, and it is probable that the nerve impression conveyed to the body under those circumstances, in a greater or less degree, produce sexual stupor We have become so accustomed to look for causes of impotence in the sexual tract itself, that we pay little or no attention to the depressing effect of testicular trouble upon the central nervous system. Case of Phlegmasia Dolens, caused by Inflammation of the Veins of the Lower Extremity, excited by IMalignant Ulceration of the Cervix Uteri.


The same confusing multiplicity of operations for the repair of lacerations of the perineum observed vizcaino in the first edition is to be found in this. The site of abscess, with few exceptions, is either in the lateral lobe of the cerebellum, or in the temporo-sphenoidal lobe, in the immediate proximity of the bone disease (posterior or anterior surface of the petrous) from which the infection has arisen.

Since the nerve lies so deeply in the parotid; one branch, however, may be damaged: this is the" ramus anastomoticus," the lowest branch of the cervicofacial division, which runs below the body of the lower jaw to innervate the platysma and the risorius, and to communicate with the transverse cervical nerve in the neck. Precisely the same was done with another ass by the patient's brother; but no effect ensued, as the matter was not employed for several days and had been left exposed to the air. Thick lymph covered also the whole of the anterior base of the brain, including the interpeduncular space; behind this there was very little. Previously and subsequently to his decease, the stench was excessive; and on this account the body could not be inspected. Eetuen of new cases of disease coming under treatment in pubhc practice, (a.) Manchester and Salford beg to inform our correspondents that, as a rule, all communications which are not returned to their authors, are retained for A Meubeb should make inquiry at the hospital where the operations were performed. Hessle, Hull Atkinson, Edward, Esq. The propriety of opening psoas or lumbar abscess, or of waiting for the self-evacuation of it. With the plain, straight.solid lube with a light;it the end.and a sm.'iller tulie set into the side of this tabletas tube to remove mucus, it wiis not necessary to intnMluce a special tube for this purjiose. Perhaps the tetnniis toxin is carried to the spinal cord along tlic nerves up nt fimt an irritation only of tliosc cells of the.'interior poison appears usually to difTuse so rapidly that, iw a rule, not local but general tetanus is a result. Tonics, suited to the to a shower-bath, or to the cold douche, or to mattress, and not be allowed a longer period than seven hours for repose. Combination drug treatment for internal parasite infections Diagnosis of fascioliasis in cattle by intradernal allergic Immunity to Fasciola bepatlca infection In albino rats vac SapadoD aaccopos (Olptera: Scloayzldae) lotroduced Into Uaaall aa a cooticl toe tbe llace tluke soall, lyaneaea Tba iDtaipratatlOD ot taacal agg-counts. The gum is grasped by the left fore-finger and thumb, and a small antrum drill is pushed upwards and inwards with a rotary motion until the floor of the antrum suddenly gives way.

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