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Or, has he no parchment and extensive stamp to exhibit? In the regular order of human events, I ought next to inquire, what species of doctor he has been dubbed: for, unhappily, in the natural history of physicians, there are two keepers of these metaphysical retreats. One-third of the cases of any severity terminated fatally; the patient usually sinking the third or fourth day of the disease. The rash was pinkish-red and looked like angio-iieurotic oedema in The treatment emplojed, and which practically clTectod a times a day, and, in addition to light diet, cooked apples and the papaw fruit in aliundauce. William Hector, opium taking in Parotitis, infective, after abdominal section, Patellar reflex, new method of obtaining Peabody, George L.. Amendment was observed the day after tlie incision was made, and the febrile excitement from that time gradually diminished. Orders - the use of a vaginal douche is advisable in some cases, such as those in which there is leucorrhoea accompanied by irritation; in these cases some sedative lotion may ba SECTION OF OBSTETEICS AND GYNAECOLOGY. We may compare the efl'tcls of varnishing the skin in.animals. The results of this condition of things may be made more apparent by supposing that pleuro-pneumonia is present in two or more adjoining States.


George Mackay, in proposing the toast of" Sister Societies," said thai, he had found that the Royal Society of Edinbui-gh dated from societies, wliich had been leaders in tlie cause of science, that he proposed this toast. Now the theory of the production of the silicated fluoric acid, will be evident to you; you have silica and hydrofluoric acid acting upon each other; the hydrofluoric acid contains, of course, fluoric acid, and the silica its base silicium, which unite to form the silicated fluoric, or fluo-silicic acid gas; whilst the hydrogen of the hydrofluoric acid, and tlie oxygen of the silica, combine to form water," and this is the manner in which it is obtained.

Ernest Hart, as Chairman of the Parliamentary Bills Committee of the British Medical from the several medical teaching bodies on the circumstances which tend to deter eligible candidates from coming forward for the Army Mecical Seri'ice, the Committee appointed to inquire into the subject would be greatly helped if they had before them a trustworthy estimate of the average earnings, under ordinary circumstances, of medical practitioners in civil life. He was so occupied that it was impossible for him to do so; but, as the Easter recess begins to-morrow, and he would not be able to see them at all now until after the Easter recess, having understood that they were to meet this Council to-morrow, he would be happy to receive through this Council any further communication on the subject, if there be any to be forwarded after the interview with the" Then he added that he had every reason for hoping that this evening the second reading of the Bill would be passed, and then that in that case he would introduce the Bill in committee, for the consideration of all the amendments which had been presented to him, and for their full discussion at the earliest possible period at which it could be done. In some plants it is of a very great delicacy; it is very thin and transparent, and may be compared to that modification of the cuticle which covers the eye; in other plants it is much more thick, and may be compared to those parts of the cuticle which cover the feet and hands. With advancing years angina pectoris and accompanying cardiac exhaustion led to his death The causes of Darwin's ill-health are attributed by Mr.

In the definitely purpuric cases injections of normal horse serum or of human serum sometimes appear to stay the tendency to bleed; but in anaemia gravis neither serums, drugs, nor in my own experience blood transfusions, avail to impede the march of the disorder.

A large piece of adhering omentum was detached from the upper part and behind.

The extreme sensitiveness of the nerve cell and the synapse to anoxaemia has long been recognized, and by physiologists has been extensively iuvesti;j;ated; yet we may search neurological literature in vaiu for any thorough discussion of a factor which, when present, influences the whole activity of the nervous system.

Tubal pregnancy was the most common form of ectopic gestation.

In the part of the surgical hospital where he had charge some time ago, there was a system of ventilation by heated air, exhausting cylinders, etc. The difference, however, is not material, and can in no way affect our argument or inferences. A microscopic view of the minute central canal. This allowed ot easy dressing, while the fixed abduction of the limbs and body weight of the patient assured adequate extension in a position of Compound Fractures of the Shaft of the Femur: mg.

Instruction in natural sciences, the foundation of the study of medicine, was so neglected that one feels almost ashamed to mention it. He made many dissections of human embryos," from the bigness of a tadpole and so upwards to "10" the birth." He calls attention to the great changes which take place in tlie second, third, and fourth months.

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