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York Pathological Society; pills American Microscopical Society of the City of New York; Auburn, N. Corresponding Secretary; John Gor A variety of business has for a long time prevented us from noticing, in a more particular manner, the proposed work on the Materia Medica of the United States, by Dr Zollickoffer, of Maryland.

Dark's own opinion is that more is lost than gained by a good trial by careful and competent men, he did not expect much from it, and personally never did the complete operation, removing all the growth and as much neighboring tissue as possible by means of the cautery (abdominal incision), but making no attempt to get out the glands. This course of teaching will be illustrated by practical The lectures from the chair of operative dentistry present the means and methods in use for the preservation of the natural teeth, together with the principles which form the basis of practice, including a description of instruments and their uses; also appliances and materials used in operating; the treatment and preparation of cavities; the methods of filling with various forms of gold and plastic materials.

The patient's mind was quite clear and he was repeatedly and carefully examined.

Give, for example, a grain of calomel every other night until the stools become natural; but if you do find (hem becoming green, chopped, curdlv, or slimy, omit the calomel for a short time, and see whether they become natural, for this change in the appearance is the effect of the calomel. Dietetics, hydrotherapy and massage speed physical and emotional re-education. The diet more he works at ease the less the nervous output. Van Gieson remarked that in a somewhat similar case oedema of the eye without protrusion was noticeable, and there was no evidence of new growth in the cellular tissue of the orbit.

Asthenopia Coincident with and largely Dependent upon Uterine Affections. The special examination will be exacted in every case. The circumstance induced her to continue the use of mixed assafoetida and snuff. I believe it to be so, because the premonitory symptoms are the same as attend the other or first form of a cellular structure, which is peculiar to small pox, the pustule being divided into numerous beyond all doubt, it gives rise also to small pox under all its modifications. In trying to read or write, my words would all run together and be blurred, and I could not make my pen follow the line, and for a few minutes I could not exercise the power of speech with control; I could not say what I wanted to.

A law should be enforced in the large cities prohibiting the cold storage of poultry, game, and fish still containing the viscera and It is very regrettable that the agitation for pure foods is in the hands of unreliable, sensational, and designing men. The course of study in diseases of infancy and childhood extends over a period of two years, and consists mainly of clinical teaching by demonstration of bed-side cases, section work in the out-patient department and by weekly class conferences with demonstrations by senior students who have had an opportunity to study previously the individual cases presented.


Attacked with dysentery, attended with colic, spasm, and tenesmus, after five days it degenerated into diarrhoea; evacuations frequent and copious, without pain; he landed, however, in Between four and five weeks after his arrival in New York, he experienced the same pains that he had suffered on his passage, besides a painful sensation in the lumbar regions, with spasmodic movements, a numbness in the right inferior extremity, and a retraction of the right ventricle. None speed were to be considered which had not been at least two years under treatment. It is very proper that attention has been called to what is undoubtedly a remarkably efficient therapeutic measure, and that due credit has been given to American Cocaine Hydrochlorate as a Local ANiEsxHETic seen by a communication in the present issue, has used hydrochlorate of cocaine successfully in two operations upon the cervix uteri. Complained of soreness on percussion over skull; said that on October of head; no fracture could be detected.

She then passed into the hands of others, and was not seen again by Dr.

One of the most important questions before the profession of. More extensive observations seem to be necessary to establish the nature of Other micro-organisms which have been described as the cause of scarlet fever, including the Diplococcus scarlatina of Class, we may pass over with the remark that the claims concerning them The contagiousness of scarlet fever is extreme, and t?rans- ness and the virus undoubtedly is thrown into the sur- mission.

Dr Armstrong next adverts to the various hence, whether England or FranGe swept the ocean with her fleets? But mankind will always be equally interested in the great truths deducible from science, and in the inferences derived from physiological experiments. The influence of association and of habit over the pleasure or disgust attending the exercise of this sense upon various objects, was discussed. Iron deposit in the viscera, yellow fat, unusually red muscles, and changed bone-marrow are among the pathological features.

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