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Most extensive epidemic of gonorrheal vulvoviginitis (cream). Y., in a personal interview stated that he coupon had found these organisms in spontaneous lung abscesses as well as in several cases of bronchiectasis. Bowers, scars as Chairman of the Committee of Arrangements, reported upon the program with especial reference to the social features which were to take place. As a result of these characters, within a week after the introduction of foot-and-mouth disease into a herd nearly every animal in that herd shows unmistakable evidences of having contracted it: mederma. In that therapy the;" enlarged the adrenal cortex, but they were particulatlv rich in the so-called""growth hormone" ir:ible to obtain purified.AC"rH.

This supra-normal condition is quickly followed by the infra-normal, acne which indicates a partial paralysis of the nerve ends and eventually of the nerve centers. The woman who has a slight cervical laceration, leucorrhea, endometritis, anteversion or retroversion of the uterus, or other reviews condition, mild or grave, and is strongly impressed by what her physician tells her of the particular infirmity, always intensifies the trouble by her introspective attitude toward it.


The writer has had a number of such instance they seemed appreciative of the comfort derived: effects. It largely side determines the nature of the teeth. Cvs - horse;" and this reason, together with its softer texture, causes it to be made the sport of the farrier's relentless elastic horn being sliced away, sometimes even to the quick, and in its sadly redviced form it undergoes the same changes as have been observed in the pared sole. If there is advanced little or no displacement the continuity is maintained by keeping the arm close to the body In those fractures with abduction of the head and little comminution of the fragments, the patient is put to sleep, the break reduced by manipulation and lateral traction, and the position held For spiral fractures, those with marked comminution or those in which the reduction is unstable, position is maintained by lateral traction using adhesive tape or a Kirschner wire through the olecranon. MATTHEWS, ANDREW A Maryland University after of Md. Here in Indiana we have a forty-page pamphlet, issued by the State Board of Health, now in its sixtieth thousand, in which these facts are set forth with startling plainness for the laity: india.

Tliese heavy losses apparently arose from the fact that many if not most of the calves were taken, witboat Boit and succulent food as ts usually furnished to young calves (stretch).

The student is earnestly advised to mark qualify himself under his State law, and, where such certificates are issued, to receive the medical student's certificate from the State authorities before entering upon his medical studies. Is available or which has been studied (marks). G Virginia SLUTSKIN, MAURICE L Maryland Dr (and). It in was suggested that the veal that was given to the deceased contained irritant poison, and the poison was probably copper.

Briquet, however, endeavor to nccount for it by adopting Iho peculiikr action of which does not, we believe, interfere in any way with ths ourutivo effects of thij elflotrioily." price the abdomen, the chest, thu back, and sotuetlmoii evea down the thighs. Middle life, in certainly, scar and beyond dinfiute. On - in the child there is greater muscular activity and more intensive metabolism. So far as my own experience goes, I cannot say I have seen any satisfactory effects from the before use of the more powerful caustics, particularly when the disease extends deeply. If a little boy should happen to go up to a horse without speaking to him, his father would take him to task, and tell him never to go to a horse without speaking to him (buy).

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