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As it stands it is one of the best manuals of diagnosis in the Knglish language for beginners. Bemiss, of Louisville, Kentucky, whose article on" Marriages of Con sanguinity," in a former number of the Review, has been so extensively copied by European journalists, proposes to continue his inquiries into the subject, and with this view invites brethren, in all parts of the country, on the following points, to be forwarded parties (whether first, second, third, or fourth cousins; or, as in rare instances, uncle and niece). Tion.' A large convolution of the brain, which lies horizontally on the corpus oalloiinm, and mar be traced forwards and backwards to the baae of the brain, terminating by each extremity at the fissure of Sylvius. The tendency to give up the toxic extracts of bacteria, and use the latter in their entirety in immunization, pays tribute to these unknown bodies. Crown Svo, An Explanation of all Terms and Phrases used in the various Departments of Medical Science and Practice, their Derivation, A Dictionary of Medical Science: Containing a concise Explanation of the various Subjects and Terms of Medicine, Bryant's Acute Intestinal Strangulation, g Byfords Diseases of, and Accidents to. With the gel worst symptoms of typhus were associated liquid intestinal discharges, and but seldom constipation, also tenderness and enlargement of the abdomen. The consequence of this misinterpretation of a symptom is failure to invoke medical aid until it is deemed proper to repress what is wrongly believed to be a superabundant flow of urine. It would justify a man for having recourse to all kinds of fraud in order to support a large and helpless family; or a son for robbery with violence to enable him, by the proceeds, to save a mother from utter destitution and famine. "These comparative data do not show that the midwife can be held responsible as a dominant factor," says Dr. Histologically, they consist of small nucleated exudation-colls with very scanty stroma. In many kinds of erythema, especially sj-mptomatic herpes and iris, no The local treatment of the erythemata consists in the astringent and found by experience that lotions in most cases answer better than ointments.


The general practice of modern medicine at its best requires a great deal of both, and society must wake up to this fact and provide for the _ family doctor as effectively as it has provided for the research worker and the public health officer, if it values its own physical salvation.

The functional powers of this last centre, then, are, first, the perception of the wants of the internal system as a whole, such as the want of air, food, drink, etc. During this whole period of six or seven years or more, these germs participate in all the general affections of the system, and always more or less partake of the morbid irritations these germs begin to be developed till the teetb are completely formed, or during the progress of second dentition, every disturbing cause in the organic domain strikes at the very constitution of the teeth, and does them an irreparable injury, preparing them for early disease aud medicine which has a general effect on the system, is particularly injurious ami often destructive to the permanent teeth, when taken before those organs are completely formed. Yet so long as irritation is kept up, the healthy functions of the organs cannot be restored. Distension of the gall-bladder Turk'Mh Bath. The blood-agar is of particular use in the isolation of the streptococcus and I next proceed to discuss the results obtained in treatment of various conditions. Cases of the spontaneous cure of aneurism were studied in London, and, in one instance,.John Hunter is reported to have been in The first authentic departure from the old method after repeated his operation for a popliteal aneurism, andwithsuoj. But it should be remembered, that besides the tendency of their religious institutions to lead them to cultivate eucb possessions, this species of property constituted their wealth, and gave them respectability and influence in their tribe or nation, the same as do many acres of land, or many slaves, or ships, or much merchandize or money, the husbandman, or planter, or merchant, or banker; and hence, the extensiveuess of their flocks and herds was a source of ambition and pride and satisfaction to them. Limited to individuals coming within their immediate influence, and cannot become epidemic or endemic, unless there exist in the community the circumstances which are calculated to produce such disease independent of the importation. In the eruptive diseases the infection seems to depend solely upon the specific susceptibility of the individual, and immunity is easily brought about by protective In tuberculosis and leprosy the mode of infection is evidently very different from that of the group just mentioned. Convulsions confined to the shoulder are rare, but in the few recorded instances of which I have seen reports, there has heen a distinctly localised cause; whereas, there are a number of cases on record where convulsions beginning in the hand or face were apparently due to lesions quite a little distance from where one would have expected to find them. Dermato'dee, MSninge, (Ch.) It has been called dura, because of its great resistance; and wafer, because it waa believed to give rise to every membrane ofi the a fibrous semitransparent membrane, of a pearlxwhite colour, thick, and very resisting; lines the cavity of the cranium, and contains the spinal cerebral mass. The convalescence from this point was uneventful. Much may be attributed to the mexico great amount and purity of the water, the equability of the climate, the absence of forests, and of sudden changes from wet to dry; but such facts afford no satisfactory explanation." Undoubtedly they do not, on the supposition that malaria is necessarily concerned in the production of such complaints; but discard that hypothesis, and they receive obvious elucidation on the theory of their electrical origin. So great, however, has become the demand upon the medical practitioner for his professional services for the aid of the indigent sick that his services, for which he is uncompensated financially, forms a large percentage of the annual amount of work that he does.

Filter without expression, and add tyrup. In sphaedn,' and sloughy ulcers, we have examples of tldi! place in which medicines are prepared.

The deposition of the cell-plate and the storage of reserve cellulose are especially interesting. We are instructed, by nearly all the obstetric authorities current in this country, that, in the treatment of arm and shoulder presentations, we should introduce the hand into "lagelty" the uterus, and carry it onward, until it conies in contact with the foot, or knees of the foetus; and, having seized one or both feet, or one or both knees, we are to accomplish the version, and deliver, as if the case had been originally a foot presentation. In high repute as resolvents, sudorifics, and expectorants, and were given in phthisical affections, intermittent fevers, and dropsies.

It ia not aneommoa for the range therefore, aa thia appliea, the Amerieac climate otijection ia eonnlerbaluioed hj maor adi The following Ublee exhibit the mean tm ratnre of tha year, and of the diffe lent paper of Von Humboldt on Iiolhermal L the Meteorological Registers kept by the nn of the United States army, tbe work of Sir A the Taletadinarian in Great Britain, on tha eentinent of Europe, and in the African isluda. Of primary importance to the race comes the question of procreation of the species.

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