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Under these conditions we should expect that any air or gas disengaged from the blood would escape through the lungs as it is liberated. Secondly, It ought not to be ufed too frequently; efpecially, not daily, as fame the Courfes powerfully.


This arc fo effectual in Wcaknefs of Sight, that he had Watch ings,and much Study ) by the Utc of it. A consideration of Westphal's cases alone makes it seem possible that they depended on some form of intoxication acting on the nerves with sufficient intensity to derange function without leading to structural change; or that cruder methods of examination permitted structural changes to escape notice, which by modern methods of examination would The slight degenerative changes met with in the crossed pyramidal tracts in the cervical region of the spinal cord in Striimpell's cases certainly cannot be regarded as adequate to account for such severe disturbances of nerve function as were present in both cases during life. Memphis Vorkommen einer linksdrelienden"wahren Ziickerart ini reducirenden Substanzen in diabetischen Harneu.

Sometimes it is associated with a syphilitic taint, but not so often as is the case with tabes. Let us now turn to a consideration of the doctrine of lithajmia or suppressed gout, taking as representatives of the positive side of the discussion two of its Dr. Alcoholism, syphilis, and strain were present in twenty-three cases, alcoholism and syphilis in eleven, syphilis and strain in nine, alcoholism and strain in twenty-four, syphilis only in five, alcoholism in eleven, and strain only in six. He pills was surrounded with heaters, covered with blankets and a rubber sheet, and In an hour or two the patient had rallied sufficiently in our opinion to uudergo a rapid amputation of the thigh. Together with these modifications of colour, there is more or less enlargement of the solitary follicles, and more or less thickening of the mucous membrane and Ulceration when present, whether follicular or otherwise, is always most advanced in the large intestine, but it is sometimes met witli in the lower part of the small. Some patients assume that if one tranquilizer or analgesic is good, two may be twice as good. Grew worse and worse, and died in the middle of June. The granules have a clear, well-defined outline. Behind the gut there was a considerable cavity, containing sloughy cellular membrane and pus. In the dog and horse no material change is observed, if the examination is made while the peristaltic movements continue.

While color-vision is often impaired early the field for white does not always contract before central vision fails. On the following day, and again on detox the day when the flow is expected, this application will be repeated.

Spitzka shows to be accidental or natural. It was only a day or two since I heard of a physician in this county who stated he had had sixty-eight cases and not had a single death. While getting up-stairs and to bed, although she did not at any time completely faint, several faint reviews turns came over her. Valurazione dell' acido oarbonico ne' Raa vail.

S.) Hypertrophic elongation of the cervix, the vaginal portion of the cervix uteri occurring in two I'allongement hypertropbique du col de I'uterus et sur les manero (E.) Apuntes clinicos sobre la liipertrofla del Scheidentheils der Gebiirmutter bei Schwaugeren und Nichtschwangeren als TJrsacbe des Vorfalls, nebst drei IVott (J. D.) Miissiger Eeise-Stunden gute Grossgebauer (P.) Scbediasmate, de esu lai va a verse philosophise et rationalis medicinae placitis Dowcleswell.

I saw him between two and three, and immediately resolved to operate.

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