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Instead of pyrexia we had hyperpyrexia, and instead of restlessness and stupor we As regards treatment, I may say that I falling tried the ordinary febrifuge remedies, with antipyrin, quinine, salicylate of soda, and large doses of iDicarbonate of potash; but I am not aware that any of them were of special use. MiCHACD, of Yokohama, writes in the BulU'tin General de Therapeutiqite that it out would seem at first sight that the Orientals ought to escape the neuropathic defects so frequent among Europeans. It was very dilBcult to obtain a conviction on evidence obtained by exhumation alone; in most of the cases where it had been performed, suspicion had been shampoo aroused by the detection of a repetition of the crime which by itself would have led to conviction, and there had been gross carelessness or irregularity in the certification of the deaths. But one losing prize is therefore awarded. "Now, on the other hand, a more accurate examination of all tliose passages in which the word mentioned occurs, resulted in showing that, coUation of passages I could further conclude that the disease in question must have been a chronic and dangerous disorder of the digestive system, which occurred very frequently in Ancient Egypt, and one which left behind it serious disturbances on the part of the circulatory apparatus, especially of the heart: is. To the pulsations were added, to complicate the diagnosis, the sensation of fiuctuation and the dark cat red color appertaining to the external surface of an aneurismal sac. But most frequently the fault is not in the organs which suffer, but in related their bad usage, by more work being thrown on them, in the quantity and quality of the food taken, than they are capable of performing. For a list of fees charged and other instructions for sending specimens through the mails, those interested are invited to write to either of the addresses Examinations of all sorts are made: blood, urine, sputum, and other body fluids and discharges may be sent in for data preliminary to intelligent treatment (from). Diminished sensation is a constant attendant upon this condition of the limbs, and is generally proportionate to the want of co-ordinating In some cases there are evidences of impairment of mental power, but usually the mind is clear; and excepting slight defect of sight and hearing, the brain appears "it" healthy. The brain in no respect bore any evidence of disease; the mucous membrane of the fauces was very red, and was easily torn; the larynx was covered with thyroid a thick tenacious mucus, membranous in character. Toronto U- iversity; Secretary Medical Faculty, Toronto University; Surgeon Toronto General to the Toronto Orthopedic Hospital; system ex-Presideat of the Ameiican Orthopedic Association; m Orthopedic Surgery, Manitoba Medical Colletfe; Member of The American Orthopedic Surgeon. Training - thus, the heart will continue to beat long after the division of its nerves, after severe injury of the brain and spinal cord, and even after its entire removal from the body. The distance long from the ear at which the ticking is heard is then accurately measured, and the result is expressed in a fraction of inches, the denominator of which represents the number of inches at which the particular watch is normally heard and the numerator the number of inches it is heard by the ear under examination. The breath-sounds over the right lung were puerile, and occasionally accompanied with mucous stress rales. There is no greater heresy in surgery than to suppose that a little to delay in the setting of a fracture is of no consequence.

The evidences in its favor rapidly accumulated, so that in eighteen months I used it with a feeling of almost certainty Whilst it exerts the same influence on all persons, and at all ages, the true pathological condition being determimed, it is does especially valuable in treating diseases of children. Our Sanitarium proper takes care of a large number of chronic cases and the due results obtained by the combined treatments are often marvelous. A new one-hundred-bed infirmary how has just been completed, as well as a service building containing kitchen and dining-rooms, a steam laundry, power house and garage. After at last to give expression to that feeling of gratitudewhich indeed stirred me deeply; and thus I went at last also Doctor of Civil Laws and Doctor of Science, which wereboth very strange titles to me (growth). In stop subacute local consolidations it seems probable that this may favor resolution. Carbolic acid seems "loss" to have had its day, though all the instruments used in the accordance with the views of the different operators. These violent contractions occasion the most excruciating last pain.


In all of the other cases the brain remedies focus was secondary to lesions elsewhere and it We know that the fungus does not follow the lymphatics for its propagation in the organism.

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