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These show that in twenty-one of the cases, just the patient was allowed more freedom; in tiie other it In not a single case was the operation followed by case, reported by me before the SuHblk District Society, two years ago, the operation was followed several weeks later, after the patient had gone home, by phlebitis of the left leg.

Naturopathica - some are incomplete, and possibly none are absolutely correct, but the patients and their relatives would not wilfully attribute nonexistent maladies to the members of their families, especially as, in eliciting the histories, no leading questions were asked.


They are usually caused by standing in certain positions, long walking, unusual exercise, etc. That it is with sincere regret we learn that his duties will no longer allow him to perform the onerous labors incident to this position. Where vomiting is not desired the all spasmodic conditions apomorphine is indicated: insomin. This constant drain of protein from the body into the skin, where it becomes"fixed," gradually causes the impoverishment of the body in protein, producing a condition of"specific nitrogen hunger." If at any time during this process a study of the protein metabolism is instituted, nitrogen retention will be evident. The strong electric lamp inside the white porcelain became the source of illumination with no suggestion of the off shadows, diffuses the light, and is much more satisfactory than if the light comes directly through the closed window.

We have had, again, the evidence given before the Royal Commission on University Education in London. Family cases side have been reported by Finlayson, Boinet, Osier, Dreschfeld, Hasenclever, Parkes Weber, and others. Whether the lymphatics are primarily affected in these diseases, or become affected with other tissues in the subsequent course of the morbid changes, cannot be proved, but that their perverted function soon shows itself through the system, in its own peculiar way, is readily seen. The cerebro-spinal fluid contained considerable numbers of polynuclear leucocytes, but was sterile. At the same time that the left ear is under treatment, the perforation of the right membrana tympani is touched with strong solution of silver, acuta, an accompaniment of a severe"cold in the bead." At this time, no recurrence of the former disease of the left canal and The hearing is temporarily diminished in both ears, but after a short treatment, returns to its former condition. We can best appreciate the significance of this discovery by quoting the propositions laid down and discussed in the original memoir. A Weekly Journal of Medicine and Surgery Angina pectoris may be defined as a sympton complex characterized by pains of a paroxysmal character often recurring, of a mild or of a severe agonizing type usually having its early localization in the sternal region, either sub-manubrial sub or retro-sternal in character and frequently associated with a terrible sensation of impending dissolution, organic or functional in nature. In death from strangulation there may be marks on the neck; the face will be livid, swollen, and perhaps almost black; the pupils dilated; the lungs emphysematous, and the blood characteristics mentioned above and prisoners may feign disease in order to shirk their motives as fear, gain, notoriety or laziness, and espe cially the idea of extorting money from imlividuals, corporations, etc., may induce persons to feign disease. Throughout the text there are numerous photo-micrographs of pathological conditions, and, while some of these are not very clear, the majority are good and fulfil their purpose of giving the student an exact idea of pathological appearances, as distinct from the erroneous impression conveyed by so many of the diagrams still in use in some text-books: ingredients. As to its character, whether there was a blood poison bringing about tlii.H meningitis or not we were unable to dicide, and are still unalile to ilccide now that the results of the post-mortem examination are before us. I have never observed this in acute cases with a fatal termination. The patient presented himself a year later with a huge chronic ab.scess which was drained. Two factors effects have tended to bring this about. During the past three years epidemics had occurred in Austria, in Australia, in France, in England, and in the United States. If one takes account of what has been said, and questions these men as soldiers at the front should be questioned, one will note that the subjects of a true commotion have almost never really lost the remembrance of the facts which preceded, even immediately, the accident. There is frequently a tendency to haemorrhages, while icterus is often lacking. In its widest part it was rather wider than the nerve head, but in length it did not quite equal that of the disk. In the autumn, August and September especially, it is most prominent, and is then often combined with diseases of the abdominal organs, Malaria as a specific disease is evidently with us still, but is somewhat on the decline, owing as I suppose in part to the masses having become acclimated, and thus being affected less than formerly, and also in part to the manifest change in the malarial element itself. The fever increases during the following days, and by the evening of continuous, more rarely remittent. He had had an opportunity during the poliomyelitis epidemic in New York of seeing some cases, and he recalled distinctly that in those individual who had complete paralysis of the left intercostal muscles, including the Jeft side of the diaphragm, should not have had more distress and cyanosis, and he suggested that it was because during inspiration there was a movement of the mediastinum to the other side, which permitted a certain amount of respiration and expansion of the left lung. In these instances the physician must issue an original and a duplicate prescription for delivery to the apothecary and I'etain the other copy on file for a period of two years. Newton as a Pharmaceutical Chemist has few Nearly all of our preparations are of our own compounding, and, except where some particular make is designated, these are sent, and we are always most willing to forward formula to any member of the medical profession.

Xot that he did not appreciate the value of gynecological literature.

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