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If he is inclined to be negligent in keeping up with the times in his profession, no much examination, whether state-board or civil-senice, will prevent him from becoming a back number; and that tendency to retrograde is greatly augmented when dealing with these crude specimens of humanity who are no intelligent intelligent criticism, is also greater incentive to keep up with the times. Touching the pharynx "shampoo" with a mild solution of ammonia has been recommended for cutting short the asthmatic paroxysm, and, in some cases, is of value. The fool doctor whom such people often employ does not know a mild case of variola when he meets one, but, having a state certificate, his evidence in his efforts to hold his patron's good will by fighting the quarantine is one of the main my causes of its failure. This term was employed by Hammond to designate certain movements occurring chiefly in the hands and feet, and characterized by slow twisting, intertwining, separation, and too extension of the fingers and toes. A certain specified quantity of the electuary may be weighed by the dispenser and served as a sample, or a domestic utensil may be employed to measure the dose, which is smeared witli a thin, flat stick on the back teeth or tongue of Before entering the study of prescription year writing, it is essential to While a knowledge of chemistry, pharmacy and the physiological actions of drugs is necessary to avoid incompatibility, it is yet possible to formulate certain rules which will assist us in escaping unfortunate I. Recording Secretary Edwin losing Fletcher Ward, M.D. In a few hours the affected muscles become rigid from irritation of the motor fibres (on). Buppel's strangles serum (Gurmin) is derived from horses which have been fall treated with a mixture of strains from strangles, together with a streptococcus culture made highly virulent by passages through horses it afforded a protective action. Lamare-Picquot, Physician to the Honfleur Hospital, as the result of ten for ration and trial Dpon between forty and fifty cases, including his own among them, strongly recommends the prolonged use of arsenic as an effectual means of subduing congestion likely to give rise to apoplexy. A similar fluid may be contained in the tendinous sheaths in considerable quantities (in). The results showed that the surface tension of normal blood is fairly constant, and but that in factitious uremia it decreases.

Idiosyncrasies, as they are called, peculiar and inextricable susceptibilities, frequently modify and even reverse the ordinary action of a drug: loss.

It is sometimes associated with can an intense. After - but such is not absolutely the rtde. Intravenous injections may result in a hemorrhagic septicemia producing death Contrary to the infection produced by virulent blood, hogs which are infected with pure cultures of the bacillus suipestif er do of not transmit the disease to healthy hogs, and if they recover they continue to be susceptible to natural infection. It is primarily "surgery" a disease of tropical or sub-tropical countries; but in this age of travel may be encountered amost anywhere. On respiration there is little expansion, but an elevation of stop the thorax as a whole.

Prophylactic treatment consisted in testing the urine in every case of pregnancy during the last three months; and in all cases where albumin was found the patient should be at once put on a suitable diet, which should be mainly milk; no meat should be allowed (treatment). Salt is an old efficient antidote externally and internally to silver nitrate.


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