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Copies of permission letters should be submitted with the manuscript. At this time aiso the biparietal diameter of the fetal "over" head is eight cm. Report on the north-west water loss tunnel. In some cases it fails because of improper administration of the drug, in others because the rate and speed of absorption is difficult to predict. The glycerin can be handled to a better advantage and its measurements more accurately pills made and retained by warming it as well as the graduate before it has been poured into the graduate and the chemicals have been added. Her mental condition was unaflected. Contrary to the usual idea, the author, C. ) Die lufektions-Krankheiten, Regek (E.) Zur Lebre von deu contagiosen Eeicii (E.) Stndien uber die epideiuiscbeu razvitiya zavaznlkh counter bollezuel v S.-Peteiburgskoi the rejjorts of the St. That the germ or contagium of yellow fever can lie dormant for many months of cold and even freezing weather, and still retain its vitality, ready to become energetically active again whenever favoring conditions concur; and like a deadly serpent hybernating through the long winter, rear its horrid crest and dart its envenomed fangs when touched by the genial warmth of the southern regions of our country, while checking the growth and spread of the germs of this fever, is incapable of destroying them, when other conditions favorable to their preservation are These facts seem to be clearly established by the Mempliia outbreak where importation seems to have been impossible, as well as by the appearance of the disease on board the U. It would seem to be necessary that there should be a union of atmospheric heat, and atmospheric vitiation, in order that the disease should exist fatally and extensively; and this combination is met with in the confined and deteriorated air of certain parts of large cities. Brill, who for a number of years has "uk" recognized in certain patients with clinical symptoms resembling those of typhoid fever the existence of another disease. The surgical significance best of gall-stones. City of Buffalo, whether, under a general power to declare certain matters and things to be nuisances, and to abate the same in such manner as the official may deem expedient, the power may be implied to cause new erections to be made, new appliances, apparatus and contrivances to be used and new improvements to be adopted, all in accordance with supposed scientific principles of sanitation, and to charge the expense, however costly it may be, to the landowner, whether he will or no'? This, the fourth appellate division of the supreme court of New York answers in the negative: weight. Grant, head of the staff at the Iowa State College Hospital, Ames, gave a talk on cancer at a meeting of the Hardin County Rural Teachers Dr. Classification of medicines according to their physiologic actions Pages for Revised and Enlarged.


Anti - "It should not be that social custom is in advance of religious custom.""It is hardly fair to read into this movement that which does not belong there. Thus, according to the condition of the vaso-motor centre, or to circumstances affecting it, the same stimulation of the same gain nerve may at one time produce a fall and at another a rise of blood pressure, i.e., may either depress or exalt" The causes of this difference are not yet clearly worked out. In Los Angeles, where the occurrence of epidemic incidence was first reported, there were three separate clinical syndromes: acute rhinopharyngitis; typical influenza-like illness characterized by severe backache, headache, and generalized muscle aching and tenderness; and gastro-intestinal symptoms with nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and, at times, central nervous system irritation.

Dr Frederick Sargent tells the story of Dr Isaac Cline and his efforts to understand relationships between weather and health.

Our interest in he parable lies in its medico-legal aspect, in the treatment to ihich the wounded man was subjected and in the light it hrows on first century practice: work. The - this also in spite of the fact that von Herff' twenty years, with seven per cent, maternal deaths and four per cent, immediate fetal deaths, not tomention those children dying in the puerperium. The society is actively and successfully engaged in the introduction of the teaching of sex hygiene into the india schools, colleges, and universities of the State.

Let us pause for a moment, and consider what those years have borne upon their wings! The struggle which at that time convulsed our land, has given way to peace; the terrible mental sufferings, which ever mark: fratricidal quarrels, have quieted down into restored affection; the devastating consequences of an exhausting titanic conflict have been replaced by prosperity; and unity, peace, and concord have made glad the blessed land which we proudly call our home! At the last meeting here, when all our horizon appeared so dark and foreboding, we welcomed you. All three of the patients were between the ages of forty and forty-five that years; in two of them the tumors were multiple, exactly like adenocarcinoma in its classical form; in the third there was a single large and tender tumor.

She is assigned a family in the community to follow for a year or more, acting as analyst, advisor, and mother confessor.

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