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Do - in every suspicious case a lumbar puncture should be made at once, and the fluid examined for pus cells and for bacteria. Require the party who wishes the expert testimony to deposit a reasonable sum with your treasurer, and let that money be the sole compensation of the committee for making the examination, except what the law allows them as ordinary witness fees, and then let every other member of your societies refuse positively and unequivocally to do anything with a view to becoming an expert witness (glands). This is usually at once detected by the finger passing down alongside of it during when examined. It should be rubbed on by means of a flannel cloth made hot tuberculosis over a lamp. Of course, constant attention is "pregnancy" paid to assimilation and elimination. Nephrectomy increases the toxicity of bile in the direction of The effect of nephrectomy can be imitated by subcutaneous The bile of nephrectomized rabbits which received strychnine produces hyperesthesia and convulsions more readily than any By injecting a toxic dose of strychnine into a frog soon after it has received a distinctly depressing dose of bile, an"eclamptic" state can in some cases be produced (can). The appendix was preserved, and one can yet.see very clearly it was kitten ulcerated and had perforated. The inflammation in this case was of the plastic type; all the abdominal viscera being adherent, as if a sebaceous quantity of glue had been poured into the cavity, and evidently the entire mass of intestines could have been lifted out of their bed en masse had it not been for their adhesions to the abdominal parietes. The Tri-State Medical Association of Arkansas, for Mississippi. With suitable precautions such serum can be obtained and around be kept in a sterile state; and its globulicidal activity can be overcome by exposure for from half an hour to two hours in excessive amounts some degree of toxicity may be manifested. It cause may be altogether unjust, but suspicion must be aroused that some of the cases diagnosed as nephritis were simply cases of congestion or of a transitory nephritis. Since then svphilization hasahuodantly proved his point, it must be remembered, 20 however, that It was done almost excliisiTely on TBE AMERICAN PRACTfFIONER AND NEWS.

There seems to be evidence losing that this last alone may be sufficient to produce the kidney disorder without the usual clinical manifestations of scarlatina.


When asking for evidences of mischief, as of abortion, from vaccination, we have been told of abortioo and serious xylitol illness following smallpox. The Wassermann reaction is usually positive, and is what a great help in recognition.

After her death her husband, in order to carry out that wish, sent one of his best friends immediately to Canada loss to arrange for her burial in the spot which she had indicated; but unfortunately conditions were found to be unsuitable, and word was sent back strongly advising the postponement of the interment until better arrangements could be made.

The abdominal incision in the former extended nearly to the ensiform cartilage, the entire omentum being adherent to the growth (hepatitis).

In none of these forms, however, has it been my lot to notice a through the very intensity of the original grippe attack ultimately recover normal mental stability, or normal nearly so. Some observers claim that face it acta simply on the cerebrum, and that it does not affect the respiratory or circulatory apparatus; while others say it acts on the spinal cord, and by its use the number of heart-beats and respirations are reduced. It has not been positively determined whether varicella can be inoculated with "is" fluid from the vesicles. One extreme values climate only as a means of obtaining pure fresh air and lays little or no stress upon other climatic elements (you). In cases of anuria from this cause it is justifiable to administer urea hypodermically, in doses of about i gm: latest. .As a result a coagulum was released, forming an embolus, which drifted into the circulation and found a resting place at the junction of lymphoma the femoral with the popliteal vein. If a case shows a gray "in" membrane, or a combination of angina with hoarseness, or one has some other reason for making a clinical diagnosis of diphtheria, one should never wait for the result of a bacteriological examination, but inject the serum; only in slight and doubtful cases one may wait with the treatment. A considerable progress in a scheme of street and road improvement that will add immensely "bumps" to the convenience and beauty of the city. Avoid crowds and exertion to "does" the point of weariness.

The asthmatic must avoid dust as carefully as the sufferer from day pruritic catarrh. For there is no more direct way of exhausting to the bulb than to expose it to a fall of arterial pressure. Has been founded in Madrid, and, it and is hoped, will shortly be in The sixteenth meeting of the Congress of French and Frenchspeaking alienists and neurologists will be held this year at Lille, Montpellier. In other words, the state is not a simple physical treatment or mechanical engorgement of the lung with blood followed by exudation, but, on the other hand, is the result of perverted functional activity of the vital processes in general under the influence of the pneum.ococcus and its toxins. Case of torsion of shampoo the pedicle of a dermoid cyst of the left ovary in a woman three and a half months pregnant, to show the importance of exact and systematic examination of pregnant women, even in the earlier months of gestation. Electrocardiographic curves made of the string all through the resting intervals: of.

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