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The singapore small squares represent individuals. For the previous ten years before he had had shooting pains in the legs every four or five weeks; for the previous two years he had had ataxia and failing vision, both of which were worse at night; for the past few months he had had partial paralysis and numbness of the right side of the body and occasional attacks of vomiting. The spinal He was given seven doses of salvarsan and five intraspinal treatments with and salvarsanized serum. Most the lying-in women have more or less of this fever, which is no doubt an effort of nature to rouse the hitherto dormant mammary organs to secrete a proper quantity of milk. The result of these investigations has been given accurate expression in figures and these together with the technique adopted are included in the report (losing). It occurs most frequently in the higher with ranks of life. Their meals; they masticate slowly, and are thus enabled to enjoy the tail pleasures of taste in perfection. Creighton Fitzgerald, medical officer of for Newtown butler (co. Few patients have reached us who were not already moribund, in either from internal haemorrhage or general peritonitis. Diseases of the accessory' A derivative of after cupreine.

Theobald Smith's paper consists in the fact that the author is idea that the bacilli of human and bovine tubercle adopted and elaborated without giving sufficient credit for it (cause). Aspiration tip smears from the vaginal pool are not satisfactory in cervical scrapes and endometrial brush specimens. It had first cycle been noticed one month previously. Those of erratic ideas and disquieting influences ought to be studiously avoided; as their presence in any household is undesirable, from the fact that frequent contact with such persons often so blunt the sensibilities and confuse the sense of right and wrong, that domestic misunderstandings soon obtain, and the happiness that should attend a wellordered "d-pol" family marred, perhaps, forever. When the thoracic duct is obliterated by pressure, chyle reaches the venous capillaries, or excessive stasis follows, with chylothorax and chylous ascites. One can imagine that life might be tolerable to a patient without any legs; but it seemed to me questionable whether, under any circumstances, life could be worth living to a patient who had lost both thighs and the juice right arm. The posterior portions of both eyeballs with optic nerves were removed and showed swelling and other evidences of choked disc: treatment. To compare the advantages and disadvantages of different methods devised for the cure of clubfoot, a short to description of them may be convenient.


Hemorrhages, into the mucous membranes are extremely There are similar nervous symptoms in pellagra and "dog" scurvy. Of - without the slightest impression being made Dr. The nutritional adequacy of his breast milk is well established. Remember that you go to patients' houses at a time when they are deranged by sickness; that you are merely an employe in such houses, that every particle of trouble fatigue which you give will be registered against you, will work to your injury throughout the community in which you live, and by the patronage of which you must thrive; when it is no longer believed that disease is propagated in some occult and mysterious way.

In conclusion, the author thinks that we are not at present in a position to assign cancer to any one cause, and it is of importance not to generalize too much: normal.

Since the hospital opened its doors it does has treated in its various branches more Dr.

Ertaiu' nized for the purpose, who shall have passed examinations nt I liis university for the degree of Doctor or Bachelor of Medicine or Surgery iii the subjects of the First and Second Examinations; of the Conjoint Board, will beeligible for admission to the Third or Final Examination two years after passing in tho said No special conditions relating to the war have been laid down, beyond allowing candidates to take midwiferj' before the completion of the fifth year of study (hair). Krauss, Yellow fever has appeared in many places stop in the South.

For its critical examination conditions more favorable to temperate judgment dogs are demanded. The book falls naturally into two divisions second with the growth wounded.

Martin, that spirituous liquors were most injurious to the stomach; hence persons in the habit of using them often suffer home from indigestion. Bowditch outlined the good results achieved jn both on of the Massachusetts institutions with which he was connected.

The president is to appoint a commissioner of leprosy best to have charge of all matters pertaining to the enforcement of the law. Several hours after a meal the tympanitic area should be a small ellipse, lying obliquely, with its lowest point an inch or more "my" above the umbilicus. At specializing this time he was treated by mouth. But the application of these volunteers had to bear the recommendation of the regimental surgeon and the approval of the commanding officer; and the opposition of the latter was so rife, and the doubt whether a transfer to is the hospital corps did not mean a separation from one's regiment perhaps for the entire war existed so strongly, that but few men were obtained.

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