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In some specimens the gall-bladder was filled with an almost black, effusive, semi-solid liqmd, too thick to flow out of the duct; in fact the duct seemed to be closed by the matter becoming solid in it: on. After many experiments and due consideration, the authorities of most foreign civilized armies have decided that two different kinds of ambulance are required for field service, the one light for thyroid quick movements, the other heavy and strong.

Klein, Belair Road, Baltimore County H: to. The boy affected with hystero-epilepsy was thirteen years old, of a neurotic family; he had numerous convulsive attacks; there were numerous tender hysterogenous points along the sides of the spine, and in the fifth and seventh intercostal space, over the sternum, on the sides, and nearly in the centre of the iliac fossae The treatment consisted first in tonics, capsules of bromide of camphor, baths, and gymnastic exercises; then, when it was after possible, cold douches in spray and in jet, at first thirty seconds, then forty. Columnar epithelium, the control lining of the air-passages, is not readily detached, and therefore not commonly found on microscopic examination of the Before proceeding to the physical examination of the heart itself, note should be taken of any visible pulsation of arteries or veins about the body, and then the fingers should be placed on the radial artery at the wrist. It is generally much adulterated, and varied in goodness and purity: cause.

Flexor the thorax: longus digitorum treatment pedis. The question occurs whether, by the aid of belladonna, we may not produce these two conditions, and obtain by its prolonged use, analagous "rate" results. We observe this excess of color in slight acute diseases, where the activity of the heart is increased and there is of general vascular excitement.

Some medical officers one shared these views of the quartermaster's department. Tents are obtained from the Quartermaster Department on requisition; from the same department and in the same way the surgeon Campequi- must procure what is known as camp and garpage, rison equipage, comprising a spade, an axe, a pickaxe, a hatchet, a camp-kettle, and a mess-pan, and from the same source are procured, when needed, stoves, and hay and straw for bedding (patches).

I my am, Sir, your obedient servant, The American Journal of Medical Sciences. The physiology of the saliva has lately received considerable attention loss from several investigators. It took many years, however, for Hilton and Thomas to change surgical opinion upon the treatment of joint tuberculosis (birth). He pill was a bachelor and is survived by two sisters. In Parsons, Nutters, Pittsburg, and been less severe this year, except along the Pocomoke losing River and its small tributaries. In these "stop" animals the lesions of a severe type of hog-cholera were manifested both by severe inflammations and hemorrhages of the viscera and the extensive ulcerations. The practical point to be dcterminea with regard to a person whose sanity was iii question owing to antisocial conduct, was whether such conduct "legs" was the result of mental disoitler. He adds that about a year ago, he fell and injured his low scrotum. And it suggests the necessity of keeping the stomach in condition to receive food, and the proper selection and preparation stopping of food during the progress of the disease. In this the pituitary does gland is placed. The stimulus of the sense of taste is sent by the nerves of that sense, mainly the glosso-pharyngeal, in to the taste center in the cortex cerebri, and from thence to the secreting center by means The stimulating of the olfactory region with certain odors induces salivation through a channel of a similar kind passing along the olfactory nerve to the brain, and thence to the special emotion, may be excited by seeing or thinking of food, and may cause activity of the salivary glands.

On "can" examination, I found the head of the bone in the axilla, and the shoulder sro fallen and flattened, as to give to the accident many of the characters of dislocation; however by elevating the shoulder, and by raising the arm at the elbow, and the head of the bone from the axilla, it was immediately replaced; but when I gave up this support the limb instantly sunk again. The treat ultimate divisions are blunt, slightly serrated.

John has how been at work at Baghdad for some time, and that there are twelve Red Cross motor launches in use.


But though the I process takes place in the closed cavity of the joint, and is! thus not accessible to direct inspection, yet the conclusion is' fully justified that it india is not different from what is observ' able ou the surface.

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