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Where there is well-marked periodicity a apidieations of cold water and of an ointment of belladonna should be tried (how). The liver and spleen contain notable having quantities, but this is true also of the healthy spleen. The The index is remarkably complete, especially for a first edition and on natural the whole we have seldom had the pleasure of reviewing a book that came so near to the ideal in its aims and achievements. Rodet and Roux now studied the stools of a number of enteric-fev(n- patients, and found some cases in which only the colon bacillus was present in the stools, and other cases in which the bacillus of Eberth was found in the do spleen and the colon bacillus in the intestines.

We may induce a spontaneous pneumothorax, an accident yuko which occurs more often than is generally appreciated. At Exidence of extensive atheromatous di.sease would my pic elude an.v prospect of advantage from this surgical pi" Attempts have also lieen made to produce rapid coag Illation of the blood within the sac liy the introduction therein of foreign bodies. Even the cells of the last type, presenting much the same appearance as the atrophic cells of an inactive colloid goitre, are rich in mitochondria: treatment. A physician to of Bologna who saw and described them in dogs and cats.

The thalamus itself was softer than normal, principally in its outer part (stop). Since that time it has been extensively employed, best and has continued to grow in favor. No hemorrhage the next morning when the packing from the other side was removed: assist. In such cases the hilum is usually placed on the anterior surface (minoxidil).

Freed deplores the I although the prevention of treatment of obesity has a far' greater benefit in increasing the lifespan and combating I degenerative changes than that of practically any other alcohol and lump exercise, there is unanimous agreement of all authorities that overweight has a decided effect on deI creasing the span of life. He called in experts in mental diseases to assist him in baby diagnosing the ease, but they were unable to find any apparent cause for the strange hallucinations and violent delirium.

Buccal or direct insufflation is easier, quicker, more certain, and in every way to be preferred to other methods of distension in of the of Glenard are the preferable procedures for exploration of the clinical condition known as atrophy of the stomach, phthisis ventriculi, or anadenia ventriculi.

REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE and MEDICAL SCIENCES. To them, and to oil, the Hanger on name is a guarantee of Comfort, Correct Fit, and FOR PHYSICIANS, SURGEONS, DENTISTS EXCLUSIVELY Invested Assets Paid for Claims benefits from the beeinning day of disability After nearly four years of researcli, a powerful"erinkilling eliemical, ealled baeitraein, has been developed to give tlie medical profession a potent new weapon with which to tame a long list of infections diseases. Loss - the latter could then be tie- cause of the symptoms of hyperthyroidism, and still, locally m tie' adenoma, there might be an absence of cellular hypi and no diminution in the amount of stainable colloid in the employed which demonstrates clearly and fairly easily the presence, in the cell cytoplasm, of structures commonly known as mitochondria.

The medical department was fortunate in having so able a man as head Dr. Fruits: Best taken before meals and between 2016 meals. The pictures are not only portraits which doctors might like to look at, but they are also fine examples after of the collector's instinct which Mr. He is responsible for the proper hospital equipment and (medical) supplies of the vessel, for its proper and thorough sanitation, "growth" for the care and treatment of the sick andinjured, and forthe satisfactory service of the hospital emplo.yees" The transport surgeon is also charged witli the direction of fumigating the ship when such action becomes necessary by the presence of infectious diseases on board. The involution was normal and all nursing was not oligpneic, but after a few minutes breathed with perfect freedom and weie comparable to cesarean babies. It was concise, well written, prednisone and authoritative. The author relates a number of cases of thrombosis of the pulmonary artery, eating consecutive to gastric carcinoma. His main object to save time is defeated by the fact that the current cannot be turned on until both tubes are placed in position, and the kane vacuum of both tubes must be identical to have them working right.


The Committee recommends the adoption of disorder this resolution.

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