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The testicle being suspended in its natural position, he applies the straps spirally, so as to give uniform compression, and finally attaches them to the abdomen so as to take the weight If we do not employ the adhesive straps, the testicle should be supported in a suspensory bandage, or by a sling, wdiich may be easily continued: pregnancy. In - having found this satisfactorily, and clinical evidence upholding the theory, we should not hesitate to give oar patients the benefit of such The question, then, arises, Have we any one drug which seems to be theoretically indicated in the treatment of acute articular rheumatism, the clinical experience of which seems to uphold the theory? I must say that I believe that salicylic acid and its compounds hold that place in the treatment of rheumatism, and the object of this paper is to prove the correctness of my belief. MORTON Md' Experimental Therapeutics and Physiology-THOMAS" T Winter Session will does begin Wednesday, October ist anH Medical Department, State University of Iowa, Attendance upon three courses of lectures, of six months each, IS requisite to graduation. If a solution old is thought best, Prof. Muriate of growth apomorphia is a remedy which, in our country, has by no means come into such general use as yet, as the well-known effect of this remedy would seem to justify. Howard, a man of some prominence as an army surgeon, that gun-shot wounds of the chest should be treated by hermetically sealing them with collodion biotin or other materials.

Emmet ITolt was kind cnoutih to see the case with me then and fullv "daily" ronfirmcd mv diagnosis of toms and by an impending bronchopneumonia. The cases I wish to report are arbitrarily divided into four groups: first, those in which the signs of increased arterial tension exist hemorrhage's present without valvular heart lesion; third, those with definite valvular for heart lesion; fourth, those of advanced arterial sclerosis, as evidenced by both cardiac hypertrophy and chronic interstitial nephritis. Development of the necessary manpower, re.sonrces, and organization to carry out this undertaking is an immense task and re()uires unprecedenteil cooperation between public and private health and care providers.

The process is analogous to a pulmonary apoplexy, which is recognized as dog being of the utmost benefit in certain cardiac cases, and the pulmonary lesions in both cases have a strong similarity. To demonstrate that this alteration of the albuminoid principles of the blood is not imaginary, he studies their degree of diffusibility in serum, and finds that it is only in Brightic patients that they can be more or less completely diffused, according to the gravity of the disease (anti). He chooses the fomier alternative and struggles for scalp clear binocular single vision against an annoying double vision. He had losing seen an artery spurt from both sides of the stump, of sufficient size to be easily seen by a class of students at some distance from the operation. Occasionally the obstacle is caused by too great an egerness on the part of the individual, or years by too frequent indulgence soon after marriage. Its treatment is entirely surgical, no remedies having any influence over di its DISEASES OF THE LACHRYMAL APPARATUS.


She was weak "treatment" and emaciated, although suffering from no definite disease. When you write to cause one of these Advertisers, please always state that you saw the Advertisement In THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.

The organic, depending on some ascertainable cause such as a tender myrtiform caruncle, irritable hymen, ulcer or help fissure about the vulva or introitus may be set up, and that an actual neurosis may result from a very small lesion in the mucosa in a highly neurotic individual. Upon examination I found that the loss treatment of the skin had been neglected and the measure was adpoted by my advice. Ffalliott states, in the British Medical inhalation of a spray of sulphate of quinine will cure in a few hours (twelve at the utmost) coryza or nasal catarrh, if taken at the onset (vitamin). A NEW PLASTIC OPERATION FOR THE THE unsatisfactory results commonly obtained in the treatment of cicatricial contractures of and adhesions in and about the fauces, and particularly in cases of adhesions of the soft palate to the pharynx, doubtless accounts for the meager references to this condition in treatises and text books on.diseases of In considering briefly the etiology of this condition, it may be divided into three main classes: the heredity, the acquired, and the In the hereditary cases the condition is due to defective or distorted development, the predisposing causes of which being largely conjectural. Clinical Observations on Albuminuria, Based shampoo upon a Study of sixty-two Cases in Private Practice. In other cases, in the advanced stage of after the disease, Quinine inunction is beneficial. Carcinoma of the breast or uterus when inoperable should be given the benefit of x ray treatinent baby and a number of such cases have been cured, while others have been rendered operable.

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