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A short time after to the operation menstruation returned for the case of a woman who habitually introduced hair-pins and common pins into her bladder. Forearm for caries, radios, and nlnA The detection of the poisonous vegetable idkaloids in the dead body has always been considered to be one of the more difficult.problems of analytical in chemistry. The sternohyoid muscles were retracted and the thyroid pill cartilage was cocainized and divided in the median line with scissors. Erythromelalgia is an interesting counterpart to the ayurvedic disease known as local asphyxia or symmetrical gangrene, which is caused by vaso-motor spasm. When inspected in a good light pulsation was undoubtedly present, spreading over -an area of about five ini'hes laterally and tkree inches vertically, situated to the left of the vertebral column and between cure the levels of the spines of the tenth dorsal and first lumbar vertebrae. An alimentary preparation formed of ground can oats, boiled to a proper consistence b. He goes to Dar-es-Salam in April to introduce his method of treating the cattle plague, how which has proved so efl'ectual in southern Africa. Japan Seismological Society, Yokohama, Japan (laboratories). Not realizing that he does is paralyzed, and finding himself unable to do the things that formerly he was able to do with ease, the patient may conclude that he is merely ill, or that his soul is lost, or that he is deserted by God, is eternally damned, or that he has committed the unpardonable sin. For example, the man who was forty of might be required to pay the premium of the age of fifty. A CASE IN WHICH DELIVERY WAS ACCOMPLISHED The consideration of means for successful delivery in the presence of contracted pelvis has never failed to interest obstetricians, and for this reason I desire to report the following case, the most notable feature of which work lies in the method adopted for overcoming obstruction to delivery. Theiv U rMaon daily think that death is sometimes attributable to an insufficient supply of liquid. In the fifth column are the safety limits or the duration of time which it is safe to be expose a patient without danger of a dermatitis. Symptoms: The disease begins gluten with headache, nosebleeding, coated tongue, and fever.

These occur at moderate intervals, and bear no relation to cell-granulation, but look as if treatment they were bacilli, as they represent the description of BirschHirschfeld. The contrast can be seen when arms compared with the daily average for will vary, for no two experiments show exactly the same result and no two analyses of the same food give the same figures, therefore the figures employed are approximate only. The left lung is "india" still slightly dull, and has an occasional crackle at the inferior angle of the scapula. The July number will take up the usual bowel disorders of loss hot weather and the August will be devoted entirely to typhoid fever. Indirectly, it seems to have some influence over mucous membrane, particularly in for the bladder and urethra. It is readily soluble "after" in water, and may be administered either in powder or in solution. The symptoms or signs which distinguish this accident are of two kinds; those which are dependent upon the injury of the bone and those which result from the concomitant pressure As a general thing the depression can be felt, particularly if there be an external wound; but the surest proof of the ds occurrence of the injury consists in the immediate manifestation of symptoms of compression of the brain, and the subsequent development of the characteristic phenomena ot cerebral inflammation.

Many different corals bave been described while under tbis name, as for instance F. Most of the theories which have been founded chiefly on a priori reasoning to explain this murmur have an anaemic basis, yet it is readily demonstrable that in many cases of severe anaemia the murmur is absent, and the frequency of its presence is in no way proportionate to the degree of home ana?mia. The paroxysms and were almost constant, and occurred once or twice a minute during the hours when the man was not sleeping. Uyn Du, Talsamau, Merionethshire juice Cypmsite.


A Spanish word applied to individuals of the human race who havo the skin and hair white; the iris very pale, bordering on red; and the eyes growth so sensible, that they cannot bear the light of day. A specimen supposed to belong "doctor" to this species is in the Museum at Jermyn Street, and marked from Gorran Zoc. Morphia may be the administered by subcutaneous injection, but not in toxic doses.

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