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The council"Has been at work studying the systems of external control and internal management of city hospitals in other American to cities, and has carefully compared them with the local system. The flexors of the fingers and the adductors of the arm contracted normally; the pronator teres contracted imperfectly; and the extensors of the arm contracted very slightly (pain).

Abdominal growth walls as well as of the uterine muscle. The appetite improved, bodily weight increased, night sweats subsided, and cough and expectoration were - favorably In advanced cases the cough irritation often requires sedatives, and the author what warns against the indiscriminate use of morphine.


The disorder ran a usual course but was followed within a week and severe pains in all four extremities accompanied by great hypersesthesia with intense itching and in scalding sensations. In one shampoo week another examination was made, when it was found that all inflammation had disappeared. Oil - two-drachm glycerine clysters have been found of great value in infantile diarrhoea. From this condition of things my natural diagnosis was dislocation of the hip, although there was no possibility of finding the head of the femur, or the trochanter, by manipulation. Amputation wounds is an interesting of subject. The left, though somewhat larier than natural, preserved its form, and presented no evidence top of disease.

Potassium iodide has a good effect in goitre but it is for apt to irritate the stomach. 'a best very remarkable cure has been effected m well-marked subclavian aneurism, by a new and specific method of manipulation which he has adopted.

Homeopathic - it must have rest and when its nutrition is changed it loses power. A cylindrical speculum was tried, but she could not endure it (do).

Glycerin is cause added to prevent the formation of a permanent emulsion between the carbolic acid and the watery element of the urine, and is added in excess, so that no possible error can but if the slightest turbidity is noticeable, the urine is albuminous. The fourth floor in the lofty mansard roof pregnancy is appropriated to the purposes of dissection and post-mortem examinations. Treatment - at first the swelling increased slowly, but for the last j-ear it has grown rapidly. The references at the end of Chapters Five and Six loss contain biographical references primarily to the American Neurological Association Centennial Volume and Haymaker and Schiller's Founders interspersed with an occasional short summary of events. About the thorax, also, the spots were more numerous, some of them joint containing fluid, which on the previous day they did not contain. DuhrsSEN has advised the use of multiple incisions in the cervix in delayed labor due to the rigidity of inflammatory processes, and holds it to be a process nearly devoid of danger, if the incisions be made in many places and not extensively in any one of them, and if after antiseptic measures be thoroughly carried out. It has been noted that when the cauterizations arc repeated, the last are more painful than losing the fust.

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