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Of the University Hospital because of multiple stop joint deformities. The parts treated will have a somewhat uneasy feeling, which is due due to the mild inflammatory action the injection has caused. It is gratifying to us to observe that the managers of the Aberdeen Royal in Infirmary, notwithstanding a somewhat temporary and very obstinate determination to shut their eyes for a time to the disagreeable truths, do at length show, in some measure at least, a desire of reform. The result shows a small but quite definite lessening of necrosis dogs as compared with a simple starvation control on the same animal. Wherever the Teutonic races were found, a knowledge of runic remedies appears to have prevailed.' Metallo-thekapy has been defined as a mode of treating various affections, chiefly those of a nervous character, by the external application of metals: after. Two years had been troubled with constant heat and irritation "growth" in the privates, necessitating her getting out of bed seven or eight times at night, to bathe herself. Assistant head Attending Neurologist, New York Portlock, Carol Swanson. Do - patients who had suffered from gravel or stone in one district, freqviently got rid of it on removing to another; and this he had been able to trace to the difference in the quality of the water.

When there is pressurefrom above, or below, or anti both, the spring is compressed and again stretches out at the first opportunity.

A modification of sensation was Under the influence of the metal disc, the skin and muscles, which before were numb, regained their normal states, and the return of sensation preceded the cure, and was an indispensable condition (hcg). The soil of Ireland, from numerous experiments, has been found peculiarly adapted for the cultivation of beet-root, and the large percentage of saccharine matter obtained from Irish beet renders it extremely possible that this branch of industry will, during for the future, be one of considerable importance. Since the operation the amount of urine has doubled, indicating that previously the conical stone was acting as a stop-cock to the top of the The Journal oV Hygiene publishes an expeditious proceeding, somewhat empirical perhaps in its rature, for recognizing extemporaneously the quality of shampoo the milk of a nurse. Said to be like the original formula: for Are said to contain in each fluid Mix. And - "It is not calculated to give typhoid fever, but it will give diarrhoea." Having pronounced this opinion on the water supplying the workhouse, I afterwards learnt that for years past the Leek Workhouse has been notorious for the frequency of the deaths from diarrhoea, as will be apparent from the following letter from Mr. Feelings of inferiority, often concealed; irritability, memory defects, insomnia, impairment of ideas, haute ruminations upon death, and emotional instability, all of these in varying intensity, should be sought out and properly managed. The Medical to Department, and also perpetual pupils of he Hospital. The places they occupy in the family chemo are those of fifth and seventh child.


The application of the spirit of tar in the above proportions should not loss be discontinued until the mange quite disappears. Attending Psychologist, New York of Rho, Dae-Sik.

Death was almost momentary, with convulsions (rb). In the case of the former, the plague bacillus leaves the flea's body both by the probocis and the feces; in the case of the latter group, the flies' probocis, its excreta, regurgitated material and the exterior of its body surface what may afford means of conveyance. And he concludes thus, addressing the students of the hospital:" Here, then, is a vast and fertile field to which you who are commencing oil your studies may direct your attention with the greatest advantage, and which you who after this session will go forth into the world to practise, may cultivate with a double advantage to humanity and to yourselves." We confess to having read these statements and their conclusion with astonishment not free from pain. Campbell believed to exhibit paroxysmal characters, imd to be greatly beneSted by antiperiodic treatment, such as the administration of quinine (repair).

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