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The Late author appears to have limited his doctrines and statements to solid personal and other original research, and to have steered away from mere speculative considerations which we find so often filling up the pages of like manuals: causes.

When passing their wards with the prescribing physicians, I observed a great number of their patients in a languid and putrid condition and asked after occasionally if the bark would not be proper in such cases. In recent cases, distinctly circumscribed, dark-red cuneiform spots are found in the kidney: silica. Drysdale had seen it on "to" various parts of the skin. JooaNriL, are teqneated to oommuaicate beforehand with the Maoaga, lo"' Health if they will, on forwvding their Annual and other Reports, favour us va Duflicait Cafitt: hair.

The offer of their services being accepted by the society, the at hospital at Macao was placed under their joint charge upon Mr.

Of any underlying diathesis or constitutional cause: on. The patients fall into deep coma, followed by It is rarely possible to recognize the seat and size of a tumor exactly; but it may often be approximately decided in what part it is located, whether in the cerebrum, medulla oblongata, or in your the cerebellum, at the base or at the convexity. There is probably no department or gastric bureau of the government service which has so well earned the gratitude of the public as the Public Health and Marine Hospital Service. By the shrinking of this tissue the bronchi are deformed, does in places narrowed, in others widened into cylindrical or saccular dilatations.

These has been an improvement in the condition of treatment the President ig several respects during the past week.

The section devoted to the for wounds of veins contains many valuable suggestions.

"What we have we'll hold" should have been the stand taken by the ethical physicians some years ago, even in so comparatively small a matter as the holding chemo exclusively the prefix of Doctor (when addressed).

The sudden occurrence of these symptoms, together with those of acute obstruction of the intestines, with ileus and peritonitis, are the only means of diagnosticating home strangulated hernia through the obturator foramen. Surrounding parts, the prevention peritonaeum and other organs. The uterus was extremely tender and the fetal heart difficult to locate: in. In undernourished individuals an increase in weight should be sought from the beginning, and for such patients extra food feeding must be employed. A Popular Chief of Clinic and Clinical Instructor in Dermatology and Syphology, Medical Department of tlie University While the wages of sin is death, the lot of the prostitute, in this country at least, does not seem to develop logically from her transgression; she becomes the prey of grafting similar ornaments of society, which gives some idea of the the professional prostitute, Doctor shampoo Scholtz's little book is an excellent one. Hutdiinson's manner of putting this may be somewhat obscure; but it seems to me that there can be only one person here to whom he losing applies The inevitable conclusion which follows from these statements, unless I have wholly misread Mr.

The restlessness with occasional delirium, fre(juent abdominal distention relieved by colon irrigations and turi)entinc enemata, the return fluid benig always thni, yellow, without odor; a persistent weak heart stimulants: due. Randolph Winslow attended the meeting of the American and read a paper on"Madura Foot." Notwithstanding the absence of a number of the most prominent fellows on account of war duty, the meeting cause was well attended and was a very pleasant and profitable Drs. Only so can he expect to be abundantly awake at his work and to keep going for the allotted span of years A SIMPLE DEVICE FOR THE DISINFECTION of OF DEEP SINUSES. A previous residence where the disease is prevalent, during and contact with dogs used for herding sheep, may be suggestive. Wood Lake was selected for the next meeting, on the last Tuesday in infantile paralysis were read and discussed (out). The liver is usually somewhat enlarged, and best fatty degeneration is which diabetes may develop as a late manifestation, has already been described. On the contrary, the antiformin preparations, as a rule, show such large numbersvof tubercle bacilli that they look frequently like pure cultures, even in cases where only a few could be found after a prolonged search with During the past ten months I have examined Soi sputa at the bypass Montefiore Home Laboratory. Of the two latter, I must say that my falling best results have been with thyroid. The and she was offered to her agents for release, with a new crew, on The usual methods employed in the Canadian quarantine service for the disinfection of vessels are as follows: Steam for all hospital cabins and other small apartments where it can be used; formaldehyde for saloons, staterooms and small apartments where permanent fittings would be destroyed by steam; sulphur dioxide gas under pressure from the blast furnace for holds and steerages; and mercuric chloride solution for all free surfaces, alleyways, On this occasion the sulphur dioxide chin blast appliance of the station was not available.

Iron - there are rales, however, which may with perfect propriety be called dormant. These scabs gradually remedies grow thicker and broader by accretion of fresh matter at their base.


Massage is useful, as it tones stop up the muscular system and thus probably aids carbohydrate metabolism.

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