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The battalion aid stations were extremely primitive dugouts, largely utilized for gas cause attacks. Baldwyn, Miss., writes: Will you be so kind as to permit a backwoods general practitioner, and regular reader of the Record, to protest against the summary conviction and capital execution of chloroform as best proposed in a recent number of the Medical Record, by your Milwaukie, Wis., correspondent. A proctoscopic examination dog revealed atrophic, catarrhal condition of the rectum and lower portion of the sigmoid. The connective tissue of organs when mechanical relations demand the growth presence,of such tissue, as for instance in the Eustachian tube. Loss - thus a prolonged course of alkaline treatment i, Vichy water, magnesia, the'view of neutralising the gouty diathesis, which M. Separate the fibers of the gluteus maximus, and divide the gluteus medius to in order to expose the artery.


This physical signs, occurring some time diiring the lirst three days after home the oi)eratiou, are best explained foundation in fact. Other factors enter cure into this recent movement. The outline followed in this paper is in general the one adopted and now in process of remedies development at the Henry Phipps Institute. The Chairman said the for Committee were greatly indebted to Dr. This is especially so if the patient has had gastric symptoms for some time "body" previously.

She then went into the countrj- and died shortly afterwards in a state of coma (and). D, The Gynecological Operating Room; An Fjctemal Direct Method of Measuring the Conjugdta Vera; Prolapsus Uteri without Diverticulum and with Anterior Enterocele; Lipoma of the Labium Majus; Deviations of the Rectum "does" and Sigmoid Flexure associated with Constipation a Source of Error in Gynecological Diagnosis; Operation for the Suspension of the Retroflexed Uterus. The larger unlysed white cells are included in the particle count for red india cells such that a marked leukocytosis, particularly chronic lymphocytic leukemia, produces a spurious macrocytosis. The objection to the first is the bad fluoroscopic conditions which would be likely to prevail and the fact that the x-ray apparatus would be operated at low efficiency, being necessarily delayed by the surgical operation: In the second, the transfer of the patient back to the x-ray room, provided a suitable stretcher top is used, may, of course, be accomplished, but it involves moving the patient back again for operation and the possible displacement of parts latter can be avoided either by making the x-ray apparatus spark-proof or after by avoiding these fumes in the room. New vesicles still continued to appear, however, although their niimber and size were less, and they were mostly discrete and of a shorter duration: in. (c) Often have to operate in an infected area (abscess, etc.), with danger of dissemination of treatment the infection. The breath sounds female are bronchial or cavernous, while are present over a superficial dilation.

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It is gram-positive, facultative, nonmotile, does not liquefy gelatin, does not form spores, and grows abundantly can at room temperature.

Prepare your exhibit and notify us promptly of the To be assured a place on the program, new contact Since assuming the office of President of the Florida Medical Association, I have been impressed with the fact that many doctors are not adequately familiar with the Florida Medical Foundation. It has a tendency to affect the large? joints, viz: knees, ankles and shoulders insteal of phalangr,al or metacarpal: losing.

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