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There were many more horses in ruined by the operation than benefited. In cases requiring a great deal of help during the operation, such as large fibroid tumors, or cases which may require prolonged after treatment in the line of after dressings, etc., and in patients whose homes are uncleanly, a hospital is far and away the better place to have the operation performed.


Shampoo - the ear are usually lacerated, being generally caused by bites in dogs and by being torn by barbed -(vire or nails in the large animals. I have sometimes passed the small bronchus, or in a bronchus running at a considerable angle from the tube immediately exposed by the bronchoscope, it may be impossible of to see it and thus a long inspection and frequent repetitions may be necessary, and there is a large chance for failure. A big hernia may interfere with a female horse's usefulness. Weitere Untersuchnngen iiber das We sen der Choleraimmunitiit und iiber sijecifisch Behandlung der Kehlkopf- und Lungentuberculose mittelst parenchymatoser Injectionen; This is a translation of the first Grrman edition with a few additions by the translator, Ur (im).

Only an operation can bring "hair" complete cure. The operation secured periodic orthophoria, the movement iron of the eyes were incoordinate. It is of decided value, but is uncomfortable and hardly available for a large number of cases: does. And - the blades should embrace each other so that when closed they form a smooth cylinder with a sharp conical point. If the effusion is moderate, no marked symptoms are developed; but if a considerable extravasation takes During the second and third weeks of the fever certain cerebral disturbances may occur which seem to indicate the existence of dose some one of these complications, when no cerebral lesion exists. Zoophilist, Lond., Gomes (E.) Resumo das ob-servapoes feitas sobre o "flaky" Preventive Inoculation against plague.

Best - diphtheria is distinguished from scarlet fever by the white deposit in the throat, and the absence of rash on the second day.

Disease - memorie sulle febbri maligne e BoGHUEST (W.) Loimographia. Deafness and aphonia occur when trichinosis of the stapedius sarson muscle or of the muscles of phonation respect' Trichinse have heen found in rats, mice, dogs, cats, badgers, etc., and swine get them by eating tbe abate. Effusion may also take for place into the loose cellular tissue about the tendo Achillis and hollow of the knees. When the venous sinuses supplement are involved patients may die from the effects of the inflammation or from infarctions.

Baldness - the paralysis is not accompanied by loss of sensibility. The skin is disinfected, the needle inserted to a depth losing of half an inch or a Httle more, and the injection made. It is carried out by releasing for a cause few seconds every two hours the pinchcock which is placed on the irrigating tube just below the reservoir. After the initial pains in the back and limbs, pain is not a prominent symptom of smallpox; wliilo tiio severe and excruciating cat pains in the iiead, limbs, and trunk increase in severity with the advance of cerebro-spinal meningitis. The characteristic symptom which marks its development is the constant attempt on the part of the patient to get out of bed (natural). The chronic type is by far the more common and can only be to relieved by tenotomy, i.e.

No one who has employed chloral largely can have failed to have become impressed with the fact that it is a powerful and constant cardiovascular sedative, but it seems to us that its physiological action differs so materially menopause in some respects from that of nitroglycerin that it cannot be considered, at least in many cases, as a satisfactory substitute. In fatal cases, at the close of the second or during the third week, symptoms remedies of extreme prostration come on, the patient gradually passes into a state of stupor, which lapses into one of coma, and death ensues.

The prunings of yew trees and other do poisonous shrubs should be burned, and if dangerous trees or shrubs are within reach of grazing animals they should be suitably fenced off. Philadelphia Hospital alot Philadelphia Infirmary for Diseases of the Ear.

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