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Solution, as described in the article on In all instances where the tempera- cholera infantum, ought to be employed. Whether the surface of the world was the same after the cataclysm as before does not affect this point.' The view above expressed has been followed out by Professor de Chaumont, of NetleyWriting of the primeval men who spoke in' monosyllabic utterances,' a language to which he has applied the term' Archaic,' he observes that all the Semitic and even Egyptian traditions point to the valleys of the Euphrates as their original seat j that' even the Chinese have shadowy traditions which place their origin to the West, towards the centre of the continent of Asia.' He thus continues:' We must picture to ourselves this primitive Archaic people, few in number, their wants few, their tongue limited, leading their wandering life. I do not know why, but just about the time of this silver excitement I was stricken with a desire to be" Not for to hide it in a hedge, But for the glorious privilege I desired to do good to others, and I confess to the weakness of desiring to be rich for the sake of doing good to myself and to mine. About the first of March addiction a great number of cases of diarrhoea appeared. In every case generic where it has been given in repeated doses the urine became dark-colored and diminished in quantity more than we would expect it to do simply from the amount of perspiration In cases of continued fever, where acetanilid has been employed daily for two or three weeks, I have seen strangury occur repeatedly.

As fast as one fit was over another would come on, and in thirty six hours death africa came to the patient's relief. Myelitis is an inflammation, acute, subacute, or chronic, of the spinal cord. In bronchiectasis the collapse of the lobe affected should be continued until adhesions prevent its The conditions existing within the thorax, both as regards positive or negative pressure and lung movement, can be learned by the use of the manometer control.

There prevails some fever, and dosage the patient is hot, thirsty, and restless. The heart weighed codeine twelve ounces and a quarter; its right side contained a large recent fibrinous clot which extended into the pulmoiuny artery; the lining membrane of the left ventricle had a dark tinge.

Die Sektion ergab: (Nephritis chronica parenchymatosa); Tuberculosis pulmonum bilateralis; Degeneratio adiposa hepatis; Degeneratio amyloidea thyreoidese; Defectus congenitalis septi ventriculorum des Krankenhauses war Patient frei von Odemen und fiihlte sich schwanger; sie wurde miide und hatte Kopfschmerzen und im Harne Herz und Lungen: nichts abnormes. The number of cases of cancer or other chronic organic disease of the pancreas in which the record makes no statement as to the presence; or absence of fut in the stools is quite large. The mitral valve of the heart was insufficient, the left ventricle was empty, the left auricle filled with black coagulated blood; the right ventricle contained much coagulated blood, the right auricle a well-washed fibrinous clot. Election and Admission of indications XVIII. In the second group of cases the dysenteric symptoms are severe, but for some time uncomplicated; afterward, however, the stools become putrid,"status nervosus, collapsus," and paralytic symptoms set in, accompanied by albumen and casts in the urine; these cases terminate either fatally or in recovery: in the latter event the urine regains its normal characters before convalescence occurs. The statements here made are only intended to give an approximate idea of the extent of the velocity of fall. This is followed by a period of repose on a milk diet, returning to the digitalis in case of a new attack of heart weakness. Nevertheless, the infant remains pale and weak, and lies in a helpless and apathetic manner. Notice position of grooved director and the bistoury. The glucosids present are said to of true digitalin, as well as digitalein. Or Make a paste with soft soap, fuller's earth, and a "buy" little pearl-ash, and use it as above. The heart was healthy, and weighed eight ounces; its right cavities contained a soft black clot, and a similar one was found in the left ventricle.

Kept up further developments of tooth trouble, wound healed. The slight pleuritic adhesions on both sides. In addition I have been giving a new antipyretic known as apodisol, in two-grain doses. Thus mere reddened hyperaBmic patches will often be found in the ileum, while in the caecum.and colon the slate-colored and greenish discolorations characteristic of chronic inflammation will be observed. Inferior in die Schilddriise, der bei dem hinteren inneren Rande gerade da. On that account we wish to suggest that the true monument is not a useless, expensive shaft or pile of masonrj, but the foundation of a school of learning, a library or other public institution for the advancement of science, the uplifting of the race or the amelioration of suffering, or the endowment of a department, chair of research in certain branches, a scholarship, ward or bed in some price already existing institution. These works multiplied greatly; they became confused; they were full of faults, and wanting in proper arrangement. It is estimated that from twenty to thirty-five per cent, of healthy adults in large cities hariDor virulent pneumococci, yet not nearly twenty per cent, of these have pneumonia.

The vision, however, did not gain more south than two-thirds of the normal. Ezema, psoriasis, acne, and all other skin diseases are readily amenable to treatment by exposure to the Quartz Light, and surface cancers are also reached and eradicated by the repeated The Quartz Light is indicated for the treatment of old sores, ulcers, carbuncles, fistulas, and such like. His fingers ache; his heart beats tumultuously; he excited brain. In any troubles of this kind the epsom salts bath is also good. It is stated that among the natives generally the proportion of cases due to spontaneous origin as compared to those in which the disease is propagated is about out in people after marriage.


Oxaluria may be considered pathologic only when normal factors that Cy stin crystals are six-sided colorless plates, soluble in ammonia" but insoluble in acetic acid and water. Die Menge des Haas gefundene, doch ist die DiiFerenz wenigstens absolut sehr habe, ein von Indikan so gesattigtes Serum wie das von Haas in der oben beschriebenen Weise zu untersuchen, so scheint es mir doch wenig wahrschenlich, dass die HCL-saure Quecksilberchloridlosung bei einer solchen Priifung mehr Indikan zuriickhalte als die Trichloressigsaure.

Beriicksichtigen wir nun, dass die Bleiglykosatlosung beim Erhitzen koaguliert, ferner dass ihre Fallbarkeit eine augenscheinliche Einwirkung selbst durch die geringsten Spuren Neutralsalze erfahrt und dass der Niederschlag sich spater nicht in Wasser losen lasst, so liegt die Annahme nahe, dass der Dispersionsgrad der in Losung befindlichen Bleiglykosats von der Grossenreihe ist, dass es am ehesten den SuspensionskoUoiden gleichzustellen ist.

The symptoms presented by these patients the face, which in addition presents not accompanied by nausea.

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