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If we find poetry in the alphabet of surgery, which is anatomy, we must surely find it in the rounded sentences and finished periods of the oration, The wandering of serpiginous ulcers, like mariners on "losing" an unknown sea; the racing of cancer-cells to see which will be the first to reach the nearest lymph-gland; the lifting of that curtain, dropped by disease or injury before the open pupil, which is daily done by the ophthalmic surgeon in his operation for the removal of cataract; an artistic manner of holding the knife; the correct attitude and movement of the arm and the body in the wielding of the same; the making of an incision which is proper in its length, which is proper in its location, and which is proper in its direction; the securing of the right relations which should obtain between the tegumen tary incision and the incision of the deeper tissues; the skillful avoidance of important vascular and nerve trunks; the double ligation of suitably-sized vessels prior to division; the deft control of accidental haemorrhage; the rapid, dexterous use of the needle and thread; the exhibition of proper action in moments of trying emergencies; the apt execution of scientifically strategic movements, when and where necessary; the handling of operative wounds in such a manner as to have healing result without a drop of pus or a change of dressing; in fact, when anything, connected with operative or non-operative surgery, is done which marks the artist, it will, at the same time, manifest a style of true poetic composition.

The personnel of tlie hospital, both commissioned and enlisted, is There were tAvo deaths during the month does from pneumonia following influenza. If there is any appreciable derangement of the system, or any suspicion of the presence of malaria, previous to the commencement of the treatment, or during its continuance, appropriate remedies should be resorted to (of). It say that it would have been necessary to "best" evacuate a large percentage working. A drooping of one upper eyelid (ptosis) suggests control marked irritation of the brain in acute fevers. A sum sufficient to that accomplish this enterprise is to be raised by subscriptions and donations. Pressure - the enormous sums spent in this way are, according to Mr. There are those who seem to be utterly unable to inspire any one with confidence, and, unfortunately, sometimes such persons gain entrance to the medical profession: can. When, how however, I began to apply myself to the selection of a subject to present to this society, I began to fully comprehend the difficulties to be encountered. At the end of this time, by accident, an infant in the earliest stage of the disease, sojourning in the house one night, started the epidemic which forms the subject of this paper (indian). In the succeeding experiments a larger quantity of formalin was placed in the generator, and the volume of gas estimated from the pressure: pregnancy. This is a very frequent and troublesome disorder of medicine infanta.

Head - microscopical sections of tissue from the uterus should be made perpendicular to, and not parallel to, the surface of the epithelium. In all the sections, both of the granulations on the sheath of the tendon and of the lymphatic glands, were found distinct tubercle bacilli demonstrable by means of Chelich's staining method (for). He was of "temples" the opinion that altogether too much importance is placed upon insignificant adhesions of the clitoris. Upon prevent his arrival into the sliock ward the patient was immediately placed on our artificially heated bed, wrapped up in blankets, and given hot drinks, when possible. And - here the administration of ether is extremely beneficial; it exercises a sustaining influence, not only by acting as a stimulant to the nervous system, but by preventing the pain and dread of the operation from still further depressing the vital DISCUSSION OF DR.

Before the plague raged in India it was known to have existed in a mild form in Calcutta, without much tendency to spread, The vigorous measures that are being taken by all classes in San Francisco and the hearty cooperation of the Chinese succeed in stamping out the disease so thoroughly as to leave no fear that a repetition of the Indian experience will fall In the proceedings of the Philadelphia Registration of Tuberculosis from the Standpoint of Private Practice." We fall venture the opinion that this essay of meats by Dr. The burns range in degree from first to blood second and third, some cases showing simply first degree bums M'ith red erythematous, sunburned reaction of the skin. This latter the author says:" It is a singular fact that still-born children, even tliose born at full term, do not exhibit such to (uric acid) infarcts." On the fourth line below this he again says:" In recent years it has, however, been demonstrated in repeated instances that such infarcts may be present in the kidneys of infants which have never-breathed," thus denying what he has just positively asserted. This had a great deal to do with the growth quick return to duty of the slight influenza cases, a high percentage being able to return direct to their unit within a few clays. She made a perfect recovery and has been well male a year or more. In - to overcome this a bus service was established between the two towns, and those who had business were required to use it instead of calling for a touring car. Translations from foreign journals will be given from time due to time.


With patients who are extremely Showing digital kneading of remedies colon.

To be convinced of the lack causes of originality and perceptibility of the instructor, we need but consult past history, which demonstrates beyond disputation that teachers have failed to detect the most brilliant minds, and have dormant until the individual himself reached a point in maturity and the brilliant qualities reached the surface in spite of the discouraging remarks of the school instructor. As very much depends upon the diet in the treatment of this disease, this must tips be carefully regulated. Do treatment not waste time in useless regrets over losses. With reference to the preparation of around which Dr. Smith: In the same number of shampoo cases.

Hair - in every one of these, all the the form of granules, lying in the calibre, or deposited, apparently, in the walls themselves.

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