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Svo., cloth Vidal growth on Vcuoroal. The cause first is to obtain control over the circulation. All the fingers can be replaced by artificial fingers moulded on a cast modelled to fit the stump of the hand, high the apparatus being laced over the wrist and concealed by a glove. A short time ago one of our city lawyers, who prides himself on his power to read almost intuitively the hieroglyphics of character, and who, in his own estimation, could tell an insane person at sight, mistook one of my clinical assistants for a lunatic, and commiserated him on his unfortunate condition (dermatologist). In fact, we have come to realize that our moral judgments are inextricably mixed up with social judgments; that general intelligence, learning, experience, etc., are brought into play in the exercise of every moral judgment; that millions of brain processes are involved in every thought and for act, and conduct is an expression of the whole machinery at work; that there is no ground for the presupposition of a separate sense that sits in judgment, approving or disapproving of our actions. A long splint was applied for about ten days, and then removed, and the man This case illustrates the extreme ease and simplicity of Bigelow's method, as recently enunciated, compared with the elaborate direction formerly given: wen. These auscultatory signs are of special importance as "you" their diminution or disappearance may enable us to judge of the favourable progress of a case. The patient is very intelligent, and states that since the treatment blindness, the headaches though persistent, are not so severe. Of - a sudden decline of temperature is especially to be feared in thoracic diseases. At the afternoon session on that day be devoted to clinics given by the and New York surgeons at the various hospitals of the city. The accident most likely to produce this state of matters is a heavy weight When the wound is small, by the application of an antiseptic dressing, chemo after the parts have been subjected to careful cleansing, it is possible to obtain rapid healing, the dislocation being thus converted into a simple one.

Blood is extravasated into the does tissues surrounding the joint, and no doubt in many cases into the joint-cavity itself.

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Resolved, That these resolutions and preamble be approved by the President and Secretary in behalf of the Society, and published; and that a copy of the same be presented to every apothecary in the county, A Tremendous Shock: loss. It is noticed in obstruction of the nasal passages, and in dyspnoea (phthisis, pneumonia, heart disease, etc.), when the patient is compelled to breathe rapidly and dogs through the mouth. Moreover, it is to be hoped that the increasing popularity in of typhoid vaccination will in time make typhoid fever a clinical curiosity.

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