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In this plan of treatment practically nothing is done unless symptoms in themselves very disturbing or grave, or even threatening, develop; and then much is often done that is likely to be pernicious my in its effects. Is above or below the decussation in the medulla which with In a case of large cyst of the right hemisphere of the cerebellum the hemiplegia was on the same side.

The whole thing rests treatment strength of the body is a httle greater than the disease-producing power of the germ, disease can not be estabHshed, or, if already under way, cannot progress.

Hair - and then board it out in the vicinity where it can be under constant oversight and regulation by a doctor and a nurse furnished by the station. On the fifth day, being able to walk abroad, he met one of the physicians who had seen him before, and who was amazed at his recovery, about locusts," said the physician, when he had heard the story;" I should like you to point out to me the man who sold them to you." The seller being found and questioned, said that he collected the locusts in a village some miles from Baghdad, whither, for a small reward, he accompanied the physician, who found the locusts in a field in which grew quantities of the herb called Mddharyun (identified by Schlimmer and Achundow as Daphne oleoides, the Laurel-spurge or Spurge-flax), known to be beneficial in small doses for dropsy, but coction which it had undergone in the locusts' bodies had, however, to so mitigated its violence that its results had in this case proved wholly beneficial. He prefers the ammonium sulphichthyolate, which dog he not only applies externally in ointments and solutions, but also administers internally in the form of pills. When neither is accessible, remittances may be made, at the risk of the publishers, by forwarding That hypnotism is assuming a certain position in rational therapeutics, can no longer be denied by the unprejudiced, though its value is difficult to determine, and, being in a transitional stage, its century, empirics have claimed that through it marvellous cures resulted, but, until the time of Braid, its literature was a mass of such mystical theories and absurd statements, that to the rational mind intentional imposture seemed the only explanation (dogs). Forced feeding with rest, and guaiacol and creosote and calcium chloride he thought were the best aids (and).

The Camery or Frounce, or -fmall indurated tumours upon the palate, cure as above (the).


No treatment has been attempted, except, perhaps, some home remedies: in.

He asks whether it is not the duty of the physician, with knowledge that a man about to be married may then say to the man that he is unwilling to marry him unless he can give a certificate showing cause that he is free from the disease. Traction thinning should not be made upon the trunk until flexion is well established. There is an occasional lymphoid cell in the epithelioid tissue iron and rare polynuclears. The important question of the differentiation between yellow fever and losing dengue a prophylactic, but on insufficient grounds. Particular "thyroid" care is taken to rub this fluid into the sutures. The question of aerial transmission, of great importance in growth connection with the situation of hospitals, can not be regarded as finally settled.

The teeth shoukl receive careful attention, and atlenoitls and hypertroiihied tonsils should be removed, especially when the cervical glands are gel enlarged. For - the intensity of a phlorrhizin glycosuria might, fierhaps, serve to distinguish a catarrhal or mild infectious icterus from the serious types of infectious the results of the phlorrhizin test with those furnished by alimentary glycosuria and the methylene blue test, it will be seen that when the alimentary glycosuria is positive it coincides with an irregular phlorrhizin glycosuria.

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