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The calcium also decreases in amount.

And the dilatation of the pupil on the diseased side owing to the irritation of the sympathetic nerve at the root of the reviews lungs should, according to some writers," be included among the important early signs of pulmonary tuberculosis. I have seen cases, in the practice of my brother, that have remained well for ten years, and know of some still living that have survived the predicted time of death even longer; and I am happy to say in conclusion that the patients of my own, whose cases I reported to this Society last year, are still alive, and to all appearances perfectly well.

When it occurs, as it frequently does, in phthisical or pfattiyngitiB, la aometimea separately described as chronic glandular liryngitis, but it does not differ from simple laryngeal catarrh, except Uut in it the minute racemose glands are principally affected (clean). A generation that has witnessed the introduction of the hypodermatic syringe, of the bromides, of chloral, of nitro glycerine, of cocaine, of antiseptics, need not despair of gaining more agents potent for control. He also received massage during his whole stay at the hospital. Soon a hard, horny growth developed on the site of the excised prepuce, and increased so much in the region of the frenum that the patient cut it off piecemeal with the scissors; the upper part fell off sideways, but was reproduced. A diagnosis of a pelvic abscess following a septic miscarriage was made and immediate laparotomy advised on account of the marked septic condition of the patient.

Recipients may apply in later years for Medical School Scholarships open to upper classmen: detoxify. Any tendency mgr to constipation he should at once report to the physician. I have used it in all with the same pronounced success. This tubercle appears to be of simple nature, and may remain for a long time without change, only increasing very slowly (does). Six weeks before he had several sharp and severe attacks of pain in the left side and only three weeks before entrance had he noticed the tumor, which grew rapidly.


Dentists should give the nurses instruction in the hygienic care of the teeth. Among the latter the Latin work race were in the majority. Typhoid pneumonia in a term that has been applied to a jineumonii may exist from fast the onset. The muscular coat loses its contractile power, and they beoome distended with gas, so that when the abdomen is opened they herbal protrude through the incision. The interesting observation of Hirschfeld' on the amoeboid action of lymphocytes in a case of lymphatic leukaemia is of importance in the question of the essential difference between active and passive leucocytosis. On of fibroma or haematocele was made, and laparotomy was about to be performed, when an abscess ruptured into the rectum, the number of leucocytes cases diagnosed as salpingitis and mural abscess, his opinion being invariably confirmed by operation.

He declares that walking is not especially fatiguing, but he evidently remains standing as much as possible to avoid rising and sitting down. The disease is carried by means of the mosquito,' the female of the culex fatigans, which species is very common in tropical countries, being the principal one to take up the infection (cleanse). Little diagnostic importance can be attached to this color reaction. He trusted the Section would not express any opinion in favor of the operation without making this perfectly clear. Unfortunately, the mother's statement was weakened by a description which she gave of the worm, saying that it" seemed about an inch long, having eyes and a prominent head." This statement was evidently imaginative. If I live, I shall see that American this Speaking of the public craze for medical reading, I saw recently in a popular French monthly a long article, profusely and well illustrated by actual photographs, on the evolution from start to finish of a rachi-cocain operation for appendicitis. The text-books on general anatomy do not mention among the variations of the ascending pharyngeal artery any anomaly of sufficient size to give off the normal branches of the external carotid.

The needle which should be of moderate fineness and at least one inch in length, should be sterilized by an alcohol flame before and after use, and boiling.water should be passed through the syringe before and after use. It occurs earlier when the appendix lies toward the middle of the cavity or toward the pelvis, than when it pain. It is a product of oxidation within the organism; its production may be influenced by alimentation, independently of the quantity of water introduced, and by muscular work; it is discharged through organs recognized as organs of elimination, such as the lungs, skin, and kidneys; but its chief point of similarity with the matters generally recognized as excrementitious is in its mode of production.

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