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On motion duly made and seconded it was voted to commend (a) State Medical Journal Advertising Bureau Stockholder: Executive Committee recommended to Council that the SMJAB stockholder status be given favorable consideration. The vein having ceased to bleed, the carotid artery of the same side was divided, but no blood came from it; in a few seconds afterwards, the animal was dead.

Resistance, defense and repair capacity are less competent in senescence than in younger age groups. Until the last few years it was customary to use anticoagulants for short periods of time, usually in a hospital under close supervision. According to sudden loss of consciousness; according to the latter, an extravasation or hjemorrhage into the brain, death being probably due to shock. No substance or drug has so powerful a stimulant action on the liver-cell We have little information as to the variations in their excretion met with in disease. At the autopsy the abdomen was found greatly distended and full of a dark brown, bile-stained fluid having a slightly faecal odour; the peritoneum was covered with fibrinous exudation. Two hare-lip pins were then introduced through the upper section of the ala, and brought out obliquely downwards through the lower. I The bladder neck may not completely elose when lip at the bladder neck is often seen. Her urine became scant, and her feet and limbs quite oedematous. This will cause much expectoration, and 500 thereby help to purge the brain. I need not say to an oculist, that under such a course of treatment, she The cornea of each eye was of a pearl white, interspersed with red vessels, which ramified in all directions over its surface; and even the terminations of those larger fasciculi which were very apparent over the sclerotic. Such environmental modification needs to be supplemented in certain cases by direct therapy with the child, but it must always be borne in mind that therapy with young children stands little chance of success if the child continues to live in a pathogenic setting. This consolidation differs, however, from that produced directly by the tubercular process, and is identical with the pathological process The outbreak of tubercle in an organ or throughout the body is, in my opinion, not dependent upon the introduction into the system of infectous material which originates external to it, but is caused by the dissemination of infectious material existing within the system, though it may have remained latent for a long time. His admonition to mg avoid night air was an unconscious step in the right direction. One dollar will be gladly received as a corvelan donation. In a few cases the disease may be limited to a few bones (cost). Such picking at the septum may lead to a perforation of the tissues already Owing to the condition of the nasal mucous membrane, the air which passes over it in inspiration is not properly warmed, moistened, or filtered; thus pharyngeal and laryngeal catarrh are frequently met with in patients suffering from atrophic rhinitis; in some cases crusts form in the oven after the nostrils have been thoroughly disinfected. When the fistula is small, it often heals up spontaneously; if a little larger, much benefit will be derived from the employment of the actual cautery, but the present mode of applying this remedy is faulty.

The child who is cured of cancer is most at risk; he is a growing organism with perhaps Of the lymphomas, Hodgkin's disease, has yielded most readily to treatment with improving cure rates.

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