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Eye Infirmary, attended with great powder pain, with an almost entire loss of vision, which has never been recovered. Judging from the accounts in the literature, almost every form 60 of disease of the nervous system may follow influenza.

The ijhotograph of the knee of a patient wlio had had his right patella united by wire at Ciuy's IIos "buy" part of the loop has been shattered into three pieces. It is, I think, the powerlessness described by him, rather than cramps or rigormortis-like rigidity, which is to be considered as the "dosage" essential part of" intermittent claudication of the extremities." I will endeavor to make my meaning clearer by the following consideration:" Claudication intermittente" is obviously a question of degree; a muscle imperfectly supplied with blood cannot do as much work as one properly supplied, but a limit to the possible work exists in both cases, easily reached in the former, but only on the most violent exercise in the latter. Occasionally oedema occurs without albuminuria or daily signs of nephritis. Beyond this, the case can be treated as an ordinary' one of functional glandular derangement, or febricula; for, when once the sour secretion from the skin is eliminated (no matter how acid the urine might be), get the pain subdued, and the temperature influenced, we need have no fear of heart-complication arising. They should therefore be regarded as supplement exceptional measures. We speak of the former as the instrument through which the mind acts, without attempting to ascertain what the one or the other toothpaste does; indeed we are told that this knowledge is beyond the sphere of our facuhies. Closed pneumo-thorax, which is to only a termiiuition and a stage in the cure of open pneumo-thorax and of valvular pneumo-thorax, is suggested by progressive improvement in the symptoms.

The one that has disappeared, owing to the nature of its discharges, would with difficulty be pronounced a proper pills meliceris tumor. The medical ofiicers have been changed with a view of obtaining men who had skill enough to purchase disinfect the establishment, but no one has yet succeeded. Lest this method of mapping out the size and shape of the heart be confounded with the old time method of auscultatory percussion, it may be stated that the latter is rarely resorted to nowadays, at least in this country; it is a clumsy procedure in skilled hands and more so in unskilled, and, finally, it always requires the attention of two persons: examiner and assistant, or examiner and patient (cocoa).


Laparotomy after other side forms of treatment have failed. ABBOTT: LATERAL CURVATURE lavado OF SPINE.

This patient's right arm and the right side mars of the face were constantly covered with a profuse sweat. And wiio can say that quacks and quackery do not exercise upon medicine a most injurious influence? Excejit in point of general respectaliility, the community, or at least a portion of it, regard the scientific practitioner and the illiterate quack as upon nearly the same level; having in view the same object, and only differing somewhat as to the amazon means by which that object is to be accomplished.

Cocoavia - psoroptic mange or scabies exclusively affects those portions of the body covered l)y the wool, and may for a long time remain unrecognised. In doubtful cases the middle cerebral arteries should be very carefully removed, spread on a glass plate with a black background, benefits and examined with a lens. They believe from their investigations that to avoid an oversensitive stump a good pad of where soft tissue should overlie the bone end.

Lucidly the commonest forms are less capsules serious. The external jugular, large and gorged by transverse veins joining it, came effects into view as the retracted skin sprang into its place above the clavicle. Can - some morbid influence of genital origin is always responsible for the Nympho-mania, therefore, often co-exists with lesions of the ovaries (simple ovaritis, cystic ovaritis, tumours of the ovary), with lesions of the Fallopian tubes and of the uterus (salpingitis, chronic metritis and tumours of the uterus), with chronic vaginitis and lesions of the clitoris (hypertrophy and tumour formation), and even with perivaginal or peri-uterine lesions (cysts or tumours). The lymph-glands were enlarged theobromine considerably, forming distinct chains.

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