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Effects - those who enlisted in the army expecting a picnic or a pleasant outing will be wofuUy disappointed. And it will remain an open question if the muscle of the heart differs in the respect mentioned from the skeletal muscle, since there are abundant proofs of the presence of inhibitory phenomena in 150 the skeletal muscle also. He died on the twenty- first day of the vbulletin attack, and the thirteenth day after admission.

All the animals of the higher types of organism have an price organ answering this purpose. Disease or suffering in the side chest. The use hcl of a siphon for evacuation Siphonif'erous (fero, to bear). So the fecretion of faliva, which in young children is copioufly produced by irritation, and drops from their mouths, is frequently attended with the agreeable fenfation produced by the maftication of tafteful food; get till at length the fight of fuch food to a hungry perfqn excites into action thefe falival glands; as is (sen in the Havering of hungry The motions of thofe mufcles, which are affected by lafcivious ideas, and thofe which are exerted in fmiling, weeping, flarting from fear, and winking at the approach of clanger to the eye, and at times the actions of every large mufcle of the body become caufable by our fenfations.

It cannot be too strongly impressed upon the minds powered of those who use gas in dwelling-houses, that where a smell is perceptible, the defect should be immediately found out and remedied.

The annual loss to the country in this way would be counted high by many hundreds CUTTING AND SLITTING THE EARS. As the dysphagia increases, respiration becomes also very difficult, but the dyspnoea continues to increase progressively, and by is not aggravated in paroxysms, as in cases of cynanche trachealis, though the effort to swallow will sometimes bring on threatening suffocation.


Occurring in many "300" distinct forms. This is accomplished by the well estabHshed action of the rays in inducing degenerative changes in the thyroid cells, xl which undergo atrophic changes.

Loss - johnson and Johnson, of New York. Disintegration of recent version or old deposits, occurring in vesicular, lobular, or lobar pneumonia, primary or secondary, common or scrofulous.

By relaxing the growth every time before doubtful tissues are incised, can this undoubtedly frequent occurrence can be avoided. Laryn'gis, ventricle of the larynx: tablets. "Have you ever given a certificate one way or the other sick with peritonitis, and I think it you said'.apparently from criminal abortion' or' from abortion'; I don't remember which; I can't say, for I think it was at the same time the coroner took her statement, if I am own motion. It is a series of physiological experiments which nature and life institute, often with such interlinking of events as could never enter mg into the mind of the present day physiologist, and which could scarcely be called into existence by means of the technical resources at his command.

Twice the sterno-cleido- mastoid had to be cut through, and was united again after extirpation was completed: off. R.'s sign, a falling off in the amount of phosphates and of sodium chloride in the urine is a diagnostic sign of a and cancerous diathesis.

Then the mistreatmenl of irrational neglect of the colt after weaning, is a prolific cause of those ailments and infirmities to which the first years of the horse's life are subject, and many of which cling to him until the day of his death.

Nature has filled all the interstices between the fleshy parts and the outer covering of the body with minute sacs, or close cells, filled with a sr watery secretion.

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