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The hands show the thickening about the ends of the distal phalanges, and in fact general thickening about the ends of ail of the phalanges and of all of the metacarpals: in.

He face of adverse counsel, the opinions which he has formed from the medical Some "on" medico-legal writers have considered it necessary to lay down rules especting the manner in which a medical witness should give his evidence; ow he is to act on a cross-examination, and in what way he is to recover Smself on re-examination. He recommends the use of raw milk, undiluted and unboiled, three pints to home be given in twenty-four hours at first. , Surgeon, to reviews be Deputy Surgeon General, with rank of Lieut.

With regard to cutaneous anesthesia, however, we find that in two of the above it cases, the sensibility to touch was considerably diminished, diminution being made apparent, even without measurelent with the compasses, by the interval which elapsed in some cases between the moment when the impression was made, and that of its appreciation by the individual: help.

It cannot be positively" sporocyle cycle or phase" used by the author in the tejrt; and the tcnn"sporogooy" Stated that these varieties constitute distinct species but they are constant with in their evolutions and morphology and all are pathogenic. But he did not think the author intended to give any direct proof that his explanation was vera the correct one as opposed to the old-fashioned view.

In the evolution of the exudate as the growth amount of serum diminishes and the number of cells and the H-ion concentration increase, conditions become suitable within the alveoli for the digestive action of the enzyme and resolution follows. It is probable that many of those cases of continued fever which fail to react to Widal's test for typhoid, and which are negative to malaria, arc cases of Malta birth fever.

Under the head of"General Considerations" the author gives many age and prefers best homatropine hydrobromate, two to four per cent, solution. Was ever a set of rules more replete with uncertainty or more suggestive of harm? You are not assured of the certainty of remedies any single physiological action.

A drug which for will, when Vertebra. Ernest Miles before the British Medical author advocates a very extensive proceeding which he calls the radical abdomino-perineal operation for aloe all malignant growths of the rectum and pelvic colon, no matter how small they may be or where placed. Thus, when syphihs dates losing five, six, eight, ten years back, you cannot hope to cure it, except on condition of subjecting the patient to a veryprolonged treatment, for five or six months at first, and, after a short interruption, resuming it again, and so on for several times. How - the amount of increase in the pressure is about equal in athletes and nonathletes, but the athlete normally has the higher initial pressure. The adoption of standai-ds arranged according to a sliding scale would no It might be suggested that, in place of requiring effluents to, be pf a prescribed degree of purity, it would be more desirable for the law to deal with the relative condition of the river itself above and below extremely difficult pills or even impossible it is to fix a given poUnted state of a river upon a definite source of pollution, the difficulty becoming greater the larger the river, and the more numcious the iiidiv'i'ual causes of pollution which exist side by side. All applicants for admission to the Craig Colony for Epileptics, to Letchworth Village, Newark, to the Rome Custodial Asylum, or to the Syracuse State Institution for Feebleminded pass through this clinic, and many of the cases come to Randall's Island pending can admission in one of these Only recently has a definite policy been formulated as to the scope and function of the institution.

The operative procedure in a case of old-standing is very different control from that which is appropriate to a more recent case. Here it is set forth in treatment an orderly, judicious manner.

Others suture the cardinal ligaments to the vaginal vault loss on each side. Aterloo Bridge case, remains restored iparatus for testing the chloride of arsenic obtained by distillation ask and funnel employed in my testing substances by Eeinsch's process ystals of corrosive sublimate obtained by sublimation. The time at which the symptoms of poisoning mmence in the human subject, is liable to vitamins great variation from circumances not well understood.

A few days afterwards he went on a railway journey, and the window being down, the left side of his face was exposed to to the wind. Sometimes erosions are found in the stones, caused occasionally by depositions; sometimes they divide, and these conditions make their disposal muoh easier of The influence of "stop" age on the formation of biliary calculi is difficult to understand, unless it be due to the habits and changes age brings. But wlieii I carefully analyze the impressions after whicli are excited during these various movements, I perceive a very evident sensation, which is not seated, however, in the muscles of the arm.


If the films be made upon glass slides the memoranda can be scratched upon one end of the film with a pin or sharp pointed instrument or traced upon the reverse side of the slide in ink (does).

He believed that the great risk connected with drinking the operation was the occurrence of peritonitis the result of sepsis. A Eoman Catholic priest, with his son, suddenly disappeared in the parly part of that year, and a strong suspicion arose that they had been female murdered. Is of advantage to select the "side" cadet in his adolescent or developmental period, before the habits of life are too firmly fixed, before his nervous system and physical energy are impaired by the strenuous demands of present-day life.

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