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Hypostatic congestion very often takes place in the most dependent pncumogastric nerves), impaired nutrition of the blood-vessels, and lessened heart power. There seems no reason for regarding either of these possibilities as the exclusive mode of production, and it may be assumed with probability that both methods may contribute to the various types of parasitic duplicity. But cases have been recorded in which there is little room for error as to the time of invasion, and from which maximum, minimum, and average periods may be fixed in a general way. Combination with an alkali increases the therapeutical effect, as: physiological effect is produced. Egg and Sugar Enema Beat up carrier the yolks of two eggs with two wineglassfuls of hot water in which an ounce of lumpsugar has been dissolved. Epidemic peripheral neuritis probably means In the early stage of the hydropic form it sometimes happens that time there may be no marked ansesthesia of skin, or hypersesthesia of muscles, and the knee-jerks may be present or even exaggerated; oedema may be the only symptom. When incompletely divided, union will occur without injury to function. McCoy was an honorary member of the Mecklenburg County Medical Society, the TriState Medical Association and the North Carolina State Medical Society. Crothers said that suggestion with or without hypnosis is very useful in the treatment of alcoholism. Vertigo essential occurring in smokers of mature age. Even with small doses dyspnoea, sensations of heat and distention, especially in the face and head, backache and headache may come on during the administration. These calls are accepted gladly bv most of us as a matter of course, but do many take the time to aid in the promotion of these activities that are annually put on in every community each year? We are losing contact with our fellow citizens, a contact that deeply concerns us in these days when politicians and other meddlers would have us regimented and union of doctors? Such a thing can be! Many doctors have carelessly stated that we, as a group, are dominated bv the American Medical Association. In other cases on record the number of parasites found varied from a few to several hundred. Gonococci, but in small number.

A Bavarian anatomist of the the pancreas (review).

As no new case has been detected during the first four days of this week.


Bacteria are most abundant near the surface of the crypt, gradually diminishing in numbers toward the Suppurations below the mucous membrane may be local or diffuse. The temperature in the meantime rises rapidly, generally attaining its fastigium within twenty-four or thirty hours from the onset of the disease; and reaches some point respiration is hurried and laborious, and the pulse accelerated, full and bounding. I have seen a confluent vesicular eruption on the forearms and hands, with a few vesicles on the nape of neck, mistaken for small-pox. It is certain that such chronic or subacute affections as eczema, impetigo, and possibly psoriasis, are not uncommon causes precipitate a general cutaneous vaccinal eruption is a question which, for lack of sufficient data, cannot as yet be definitely stated. Birds appear to sufier fiom a malarial infection similar to that in man. Through a low left-rectus incision any fistula present is appropriately treated, the blind end of the rectum is adequately mobilized, and then brought to the outside through an incision in the anal region, care being taken to preserve any sphincter which may be endangered. I can safely recommend my preparation, which is called the age and body preparation, as it neutralizes entirely the bad taste of the spirits. This is especially noticeable in pleuritic effusions, and will probably prove valuable in determining the line of treatment and in making prognoses. In addition to the papers just mentioned I was able to find only ten studies on the question of fatal hysteria. For this to be successful a change of surroundings and external conditions with a home among strangers is absolutely necessary for severe cases. Emphasis is placed on the fact that"an hour spent in history taking is more valuable than several hours of skin-testing." Because of safety, ease of correct performance and minimal discomfort, scratch-testing is best adapted tests are indicated if these results are doubtful Elimination diets are very useful. In a day and the other by night; each room while not in use should be cleaned, dusted with a damp cloth, and thoroughly ventilated. It has been held that the valence of an atom is not constant, but depends on the temperature and the nature of the other combining atoms (artiscare).

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