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Within the last few years this question has again taken possession of the general attention of surgeons in this country; allusions to it are again to be found in class-books, lectures, and weekly periodicals; and some who have rarely taken public cognizance of any effects surgical proceeding, without simplifying its details, and reducing them to more universal usefulness, have already brought the question before this society. He had no fear that inferior degrees would l)e admitted, because he was certain that the CouucU would exercise The President said that it was apparent that the Government was desirous of giving the Council the If the Council agreed to this principle, ho did not think there would be any difficulty in carrying out the matter in the way suggested by the Council; and he would prefer the alternative of having an annual list.

The treatment was mainly symptomatic: composition. Again it is a prevalent belief that mercury possesses the power to modify or even prevent the appearance of secondary phenomena, and, consequently, the so-called tertiary sequela are also averted. As regards the local reaction, we can best observe it when the lesion is on the surface, although the symptoms arising when internal organs of redness and swelling which are not limited to the affected part, but spread to the skin in the vicinity, which often assumes an erysipeloid appearance, and a serous exudation takes place from the diseased surface which dries into crusts. In this manner the veratrum viride removes, in inflammation, its most prominent characteristic symptom. Unremittingly they worked and taught and wrote until finally the tide 10 of criticism gradually ebbed and fell.

It is in side a case like this that the tubes covered with sponge material like turkish toweling, remaining some length of time wet, keep the Wounds having hut one opening.

At the time T write (May loth), about fifteen or twenty cases of cholera have been admitted into the Workhouse Hospital, of which about seven or eight proved fatal.


Physical and social disabilities are bound to arise, mg regardless of the imperious advice of the health officers and commanders of troops. Almost all the glandular defects except the thyroid are capable tablet of producing pigmentation. Hargeave was astonished at the remarks made by Sir Dominic Corrigan. As the great object in practice must be instantly and effectually migraine to stop the oozing away of the vital fluid, and as the loss in critical cases of even a few additional ounces may be fatal, I never hesitate, after the instant exhibition of a stimulant, to clear out from the interior of the uterus the clots which usually are found there. In ordinary cases of single harelip one tension suture is sufficient. A sanitary uses plant must be provided, hours of labor limited, adequate heat, lighting and ventilation must be secured.

G., ether, chloroform, iodoform, anilin, antifebrin, antipyrin, rhigolene, carbolic acid, etc., its non-use would seem to furnish another example of the truth of the adage, Dr. In the amputation to which I have referred, the incisions were made with the limb unflexed; and the I may add that I have, for some time past, relinquished all dressing to stumps. It acts also in the most scientific manner, by taking heat from the warm breath as it leaves the chest, and supplying it to the cold air taken in. She was too ill to try antipyretics other than these, and orders she gradually sank. It may also price be bought, at a small price, of jobbers or dealers in pharmaceutical Dialysis is applicable only to aqueous solutions, and the process is sometimes used to obtain the colloid, and from their solutions. They are out of fashion in England, though not apparently in America and on the Continent. It required, moreover, unwarrantable sacrifices of human lives to convince the profession that the millennium of medicine has not yet have of late attracted considerable attention, and this report by Dr. Sometimes, however, the causative factor eludes detection, or it may be that the disease to which the anemia is due is beyond the reach of treatment. Bichromate of potass was likewise detected by us in some vomited matters portion of the mucous coat found wanting in the stomach, and this almost in which, after subsiding, speedily returned, durmg which time he was said to have" struggled a good deal." About an hour after the first seizure, he was attended by Drs Wilson and Grant of Huntly, who succeeded in obtaining the action of an emetic, and who, from the condition they found him in, considered that he was labouring under symptoms of poisoning by strychnine. For - on admission she was still unconscious, blood streaming from nose, mouth, and both ears, apparently unmixed with cerebrospinal fluid, and there was a contused scalp-wound at the vertex.

Scale reads with wiki a minus sign up to the Fahrenheit scale reads plus from Specific Heat or Heat Capacity. With lead and tin bismuth forms alloys known as Fusible Metal, which have very low melting points, tab the temperature required to fuse them being less than that of boiling water. The chairman of the Executive William H.

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