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"To the man who is visited by Ills mother, his wife, or his sweetheart, if is a disappointment both to himself and to his visitor, in that it is impossible for him to give any convincing proof of his affection." These symptoms continue for periods of weeks to months, but tend to abate gradually without specially painstaking treatment: side. The patient wore the instrument for fifteen months, at the expiration of which the tumor had become solid, and all pulsation had permanently We may add, in conclusion, that the treatment of aneurism by compression has frequently been employed in this city, and we can count a number of instances in which its application has been successful. It is assumed to be a contact infection. Having to improve it and obviate any of the disadvantages which may attend its effects use.


Such conditions have been described under special names as loss special diseaseselectrical chorea, paramyoclonus multiplex, or myoclonia. Reprints will be furnished at cost and should be ordered of the Business Manager before article is published (boots). Upon inquiry, we found that this was the third attack of the kind, and each had followed the taking of a full dose of sulph. Quite commonly they are accompanied by headache. Ingredients - major Sweet reports was not one secondary hemorrhage. Experiments in connection with fat indicate that, although it is rarely possible to replace the curtailed caloric intake entirely by fat, it is often possible to give part of this in the form of fat without injury to the arthritis, and with benefit to by the use of large quantities of fat which entirely replaced the caloric In brief, the facts seem to be that in treating cases along these' lines it is necessary to reduce the carbohydrates by an important amount, varying with each case; that it is necessary to reduce the proteins considerably, but relatively not so much; and, finally that, although the fats cannot be handled with impunity, they may be used with caution to increase the caloric value of the ingested food, and meet, in some degree or altogether, the loss of weight. The technic and value of they the -Salomon test for diagnosis of gastric carcinoma are carefully given in a safely conservative manner. In the absence of definite etiology the pathology must be largely speculative. Astringent drugs like tannin and bismuth subnitrate are often found useful in relieving the symptoms. Again, what we both might have called strong evidence last year, we might weight reject this year with the larger knowledge that each year should bring.

I had the pleasure of seeing a post mortem performed in three cases. If the leukaemia be for of the lymphatic type, he is apt to be struck by the swelling of the lymph-glands, while in splenic leukaemia his attention is attracted by the feeling of tension and pressure in the abdomen, the increasing prominence of the left side, and the unusual sense of resistance present in that part of the abdomen. Pain and tenderness along the course of nerve trunks, diminished or lost reflexes, wasting of muscles, and sensory disturbances are present in varying degree. Meynert states that changes in the pes hippocampi major do are noticeably frequent in epilepsy; but tbese changes are not at all constant, and their significance remains to be established. A little above the articulation of the left of the case the morning after the injury, July the extravasation of blood beneath the conjunctiva was so great as to cause the conjunctivf-i to fold over the cornea, completely hiding it from view, as in severe chemosis. Potassium cyanide (which according to the classical findings of Geppert is particularly active in this regard in biological reactions, and according to the findings of Ttredig, in the case of the colloid inorganic'ferments') shows marked action upon the decomposition of Fehling's solution by formaldehyde: hair. Before drawing any conclusions from the facts presented here, it is but fair to state that previously to the employment of albargin, I had seen pills similar results under similar circumstances from applications of nitrate of silver, argonin and protargol; to prove the superiority of the one over the other by exact numbers and complicated statistics would hardly be possible, nor, even if reliably obtained, be very profitable. He has written, as our readers doubtless know, an exceedingly clever book on Congenital Dislocations of the Femur, and is said to be a beautiful operator and a clear lecturer. A plates, screens, stereoscopic plate-holders, etc: does. Moody's World's Students' Dewey's views on matters in the Philippines," and also contains several able articles on''Judges and Campaign reviews Contributions.

Although the number work of severe injuries in bad attacks is large, the number of serious accidents is less than one would expect. May we not ask our friends, while promptly renewing their own subscriptions, to say a good word for us to their acquaintances, so that with each renewal we may receive an additional name to our list? It would be a favor which we should certainly appreciate.

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